AIFW Launching Ceremony: For The Modest and Magnificent

The camera lights flashed as Mizz Nina entered the room after going through the hall where there was a line of couture greeting the guests.

The fashion influencer who will be one of the faces at Asia Islamic Fashion Week will also be one of the speakers during the week of modest fashion and take part in one of the runaway shows. When asked how the AIFW is different than other modest-wear fashion shows like the International Islamic Fashion Festival, one of the speakers stated that the AIFW will be holding conferences and presentations by speakers around the globe in order to match national and international trade buyers with fashion; this is a segment during the fashion week called fashion interact that can be enjoyed by visitors.


Among the host of designers and brands that will be taking part includes Dian Pelangi, Mumu Scarves, Cosry, Ana Abu and many others who will feature their own designs and interpretations of modest fashion from 30th March until 2nd April 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Fuza Umar, the founder of Asia Islamic Fashion Week 2017 had also attended the official launch where the guests are treated to a tease of a video which officiated the event and showed a brief advertisement of a lip balm by the Indonesian brand, Wardah.


The Minister of the Federal Territories, YB Datuk Seri Utama Tengku Adnan Bin Tengku Mansor gave a gratifying speech regarding Kuala Lumpur being a premier city which has a variety of attractions ranging from culture, nature, luxury travel and business thereby the metropolitan is fitting to be the centre of modest fashion in Malaysia. On a personal note, the minister expressed that the clothing featured during the fashion week should fulfil the factors of modest-wear and it should be loose as well as covering the necessary parts. However, he had also mentioned that encouraging Muslims to properly cover their awrah (intimate parts) should not be forced. The event was also attended by the sponsors and partners of AIFW such as MATRADE, SME Corporation Malaysia, Zalora and iHalalmas UiTM who will be overseeing the AIFW’s success.


In its first year, the event will feature three main elements; the fashion trade show where exhibitors from around the world will gather, the fashion show presenting collections of Islamic fashion from renowned designers as well as the fashion interact showcasing the first Islamic Fashion Conference and Fashion Pitching in Malaysia. Aside from the very talented Malaysian icon Mizz Nina, the other modest fashion influencers in #AIFW 2017 are the Indonesian designer of the tie-dyed inspired brand Dian Pelangi and the CEO of Haute Hijab, Melanie Elturk. With the theme, ‘Establishing Asia As A Global Centre For Islamic Fashion’, the AIFW hopes to bring attention to the Islamic fashion and lifestyle and promotes Asia as an avenue for traders, speakers, designers and influencers who will provide a modern and understanding analysis of the art of combining creativity and religious practises.

Featured image and pictures courtesy of AIFW.

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