Tracks of the Week (2/3/2017) (Soft, Daiyan Trisha, Zamaera, Chugs On Deck, Pesawat)

A shoegazing anthology of stories, rap tracks that disses on your fake friends, and a comeback from an old indie favourite, Pesawat! And that’s not even all that we have this in our local tracks of the week.

1) Coldwave Nostalgia: A Shoegaze Stories – SOFT


This ambient shoegazing, coldwave band from Ipoh brings in this new brilliant record that plays like a twisted, collection of tales from the world of psychedelia. Told through soft, inaudible voices and lots of distortion, A Shoegaze Stories is a tale of dark fuzzy, fairytale ambience.

Post Cabaret starts off with your classic catchy drum sequence (reminiscent of a cabaret, as the title suggests), and jumps straight into Soft‘s shoegazing specialty. Other tracks that stand out include  Heaven With You, My Adore and Sweet Love since it ends on a note that is almost orchestral in its romanticism. Song For Apollo Heights also soars, with an intro that echoes vaguely like a rocket launch. Grunge Glory also hits the heart home, if you’re nostalgic for that era but can also dig the noise-ambience of yesteryears.

It’s not a flat and monotonous album at all, although there are some tracks that are a bit repetitive of the other. Overall, Soft brings a lot of promise to the local shoegazing scene. Not many can weave stories through sound, especially if it’s all fuzzboxes, distortion and post-rock-esque melody.

2) Luluh – Pesawat

pesawat II

The melodies are reminiscent of The Shins and The Temper Trap and it’s one of those songs which are suitable for a road trip with your gang. Though the lyrics might make you reflect on the times that life has let you down, the song will uplift you with its drums and the vocalist, Jipie’s ethereal vocals so roll down the windows and get your friends to sing with you (if they can stay in tune!).

3) Boy In My Dream – Daiyan Trisha

Daiyan Trisha could have been a Disney princess singing below the waters for her prince on the land or going for an adventurous magic carpet ride as she serenades about the boy in her heart and dream. It’s sweet and almost melancholic as we wonder who the boy was and if she will meet him in real life. Doesn’t it bring you memories to the moment you’re falling for someone?

4) Helly Kelly – Zamaera

Sit down because you are about to be schooled. Helen Keller is an American author and a political activist who is also a deaf-blind person and Zamaera had cleverly associated the writer with rhymes to describe an unnamed ‘fake friend’. Honestly, sick beats aside, listening to Zamaera makes us think “Damn, she’s a brilliant writer” because it really is just punchlines after punchlines with this song. (“Mi a slice you up, salami/So bila berjumpa jangan lupa untuk salam me”) and you might need to check on your own acquaintances too because you might have this type of ‘friend’. The kind who wears faux contact lenses, lie about her schedule and likes to shop till’ she drops. If you don’t,  well, you can still listen to the song and dance your way through the streets, – ’cause we sure as hell couldn’t keep ourselves to our seats.

5) Kotak Cahaya – Chugs on Deck

It’s a fun song with a message (with that keyboard intro that immediately brightens up a room); try to focus on what we truly believe in because what we need and want, might be right in front of us. The vocalist can be a bit off-putting at first, but eventually it sounds raw and vulnerable which goes along well with the mood of the track. Definitely a band to look out for. Check out their other tracks like Dance! Friend too!

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