Tracks of the Week (23/2/2017)

Are you a fan of Akademi Fantasia? Are you still aware that it exists?  Do you also love shoegazing and dreamy psychedelic music? Or you like it heavier than that, and want to feast your ears with some good old trap rap? We’ve got it all this week on Daily Seni’s Tracks of the Week.

1) Getaran – Sendiket Jongkong Emas

Effusing loving sceneries fitting for daydreams and romantic lullabies, Sendiket Jongkong Emas‘s track will decorate all our moments of melancholy and introspection this week, as the dreamy, psychedelic guitar breaks through so many barriers of Malaysian experimental shoegazing and lo-fi indie.

It is not empty, as the lyrics also speak volume to poetry. As the singer declares “Kau buat ku terbuta” with such passion and gusto, the strength of the simple words seep through the cloud of fuzzy guitars.

Getaran keeps giving more and more, as the song also breaks down into a sort of funky, more danceable rhythm right after the brilliant solo after the fourth minute. It’s pretty great that it transitions into a new feeling altogether – from a hopeless romantic plea of love, to a cheeky and playful summary (“Dapatkah kau rasakan?”)

What’s more impressive is that, the songs aren’t even finished yet, and it already sounds beautiful. All of this makes us look forward to their upcoming EP and getting more gems like this – a promising introduction to the scene.

2) Jampi – Hael Husaini

Hael Husaini Jampi

Hael Husaini from AF2013‘s new single Jampi is a pop ballad that is unimpressive at best. Although it’s catchy and Hael Husaini’s voice is still pleasant to listen to, the lyricism is not of the best quality. The metaphor of how falling in love with someone is like being placed under a spell is not original, and not impressive enough in execution. It just follows all of the other brand of Malay pop ballad that seems to fill the chart nowadays, when with Hael Husaini’s voice, a lot more potential can be tapped.

Here’s Hael Husaini’s cover of Demi Lovato‘s Stonecold as an example of his vocal capabilities.


Nevertheless if you wanna woo your girlfriend or boyfriend by accusing them of being hypnotists, this track will do you good.

3) Elak Elak – Kidd Santhe

Kidd Santhe

Another trap rap debutante to enter the Malaysian hip hop scene. Kidd Santhe bounces to a sick beat with utmost swagger, calling all of his haters to watch their step. The song has some pretty funny lines too (Astro awani nak nombor anda/Wait woah itu talian drama so) although it gets a bit clumsy and forced further down the song. Overall, Litnya, his previous track packs more punch than this. The constant truth so far, is that Kidd Santhe and DJ Biggie still does not disappoint with the trap beats, Schoolboy Q style. Not to mention that little sample of Seniman Bujang Lapok at the end is a nice touch.

4) Avery – South China Sea

South China Sea

Shoegazing dreamboat number two of this week is Avery by South China Sea, one of the best shoegazing bands in the local scene. With crispier, more melodic riffs, Avery starts off with that eerie ambience in the background that gives this whole song an otherworldly vibe. It’s punctuated with that acoustic guitar in the middle, Avery later launches itself into a coda – which reverberates like a farewell note in classic rock form. This is definitely a great addition to the repertoire of this promising band from Kuching, and we hope that it’s simply a sign of more amazing things to come.

5) YAGK – Airliftz

YAGK - Airliftz

If you feel spiteful about a cheating ex who just can’t seem to let you go and want some decent R&B to be the soundtrack of your frustration, YAGK just might fit the bill. Kicking off with some smooth keys, the song pushes through bar after bar like a diss track to a hypothetical lover. Airliftz flows are coherent and packs a punch, although verbal acrobatics is probably not his forte. Nevertheless, it’s a snappy, catchy track for those slightly irked at those people who just can’t take the hint.

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