Tracks of the Week (9/2/2017 – 16/2/2017)

From the humorous to the psychedelic, this week’s edition boasts diversity through four tracks. Whether you want musical scores to decorate your car rides or commutes to the LRT, there’s always something for everybody on Tracks of the Week!

 1) It Started With A Sip of Alcohol – So, I’m Jenn


Although released earlier during the year as an anthem for a not-so-perfect New Year; after its recent availability on Spotify, we thought it’d be a timeless, ever-relevant ode to drunken…mistakes. In true classic YouTube singer-songwriter antics, this ditty about sexual mishaps is bare and stripped down – easy to listen to, with not much musical nuance. However, what makes So, I’m Jenn pretty cool, is that the lyrics are hilarious and honest, unfiltered and raw. It’s probably unplayable on the mainstream airwaves, which makes it slightly more charming, and is reminiscent of the earlier days of Zee Avi with her song Kantoi – but definitely packed with a little bit more spunk.

2) Kehadapan – Dish


Dish is back with a feel-good motivational indie anthem, rallying their listeners to stay steadfast and keep on moving forward. It rings like your run-of-the-mill romantic alt-ballads, but ignites the soul with its straightforward yet poignant lyricism, (which evident in their previous tracks too such as Alor Bintang and Aku, Dia dan Nirvana). So if you need a little pick-me-up, or another reason to live, maybe this song can help you nudge you in the right direction.

3) Liberate – Patriots


Freedom, rebirth and revolution seems to be the buzzword that encapsulates the musical direction of Patriots, and true enough their new music video captures that really well. With a half-naked Riko smearing himself in paint and shots of the others running away or towards the camera, it subtly conveys the metaphor of artistic liberation. The chorus packs a punch, with Amir Shazrin‘s soaring vocals chanting I gotta make peace within myself, but if you take take/Chances than you’ll make make something that you’ll never forget. David Escamilla of Crown the Empire makes a wonderful appearance here to with goosebump-inducing screams to further power the song to its full potential. We hope this international collaboration would launch Patriots into the spotlight of metalcore, hardcore punk fans everywhere.

4) Changes – Edvard Mooche

This week’s dreamy soundscape owes its slot to this wonderful track Edvard Mooche. With jangly guitar riffs fitting for a halal psychedelia experience, it morphs slowly into a more somber (almost bluesy) closing at the end, which makes this more than just your average psychedelic rock track littering the covers of British indie music magazines. Edvard Mooche is also one of those fresh batches of relatively unknown local artistes lurking around in the secret alleys of Soundcloud, that keeps us looking for more obscure local music.

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