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Reasons Why You Should Watch Riau Sari

Lovers of theatre and horror can jump with joy because your dreams have finally come true. On Wednesday (8th February 2017), we had the chance to watch Riau Sari by Peran Tease Production. The horror theatre flick helmed by Anwar Rusdini took place at Damansara Performing Arts Centre here in Petaling Jaya. We enjoyed the one of a kind performance and look forward to seeing more of its kin. The reasons that follow are why we think everyone should watch Riau Sari.

It’s like being in a horror film

As Riau Sari is the Malaysian version of Thailand’s iconic Nang Nak, you automatically feel eerie vibes when you sit in the dark hall, anticipating the show to start. You’d expect the stage to be set in a house setting but instead, Riau Sari puts forth a unique setup where you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Theatre performances that possess the theme of horror are hard to find, and when you find one, you should definitely go. Riau Sari is different than any of the theatrical performances you’ve ever been to– it has unassuming depth. The best way to describe our Riau Sari experience is like being in a haunted house section of a theme park but with supernatural characters that have complex and emotional backgrounds.

The script of Riau Sari provides its audience with just enough information about each character that enables us to develop an understanding with them and maybe even be able to comprehend why Sari decides to terrorise her kampung and the people close to her.

Riau Sari features a diverse cast

Another reason why you should head on over to DPAC this weekend and watch Riau Sari is because it features a diverse lineup of talents– actors, dancers, silat practitioners and singers. Sari, the leading lady is played by Fiza Thomas, better known as Afi, who was a contestant of local favourite sing-song competition, Akademi Fantasia in its 2016 edition. Afi’s performance haunted us and we just can’t forget about it. She is a triple threat, something that is required to play the role of aching Sari. In our opinion, no one could have played a better Sari than Afi herself.

Riau Sari also puts forth the outstanding talent of Wan Siti Hamizah who goes by the alias Honey Bee, a gymnast that will blow your minds. We were made familiar with Honey Bee when we watched MUD KL last year and she has definitely upped her game since then. A newcomer to the theatrical performance scene, Honey Bee did exceptionally and we’re keen to see her in more performances in the future. Trust us, you would not want to miss out on some of the stunts she does.

Hakkim Halim was also an outstanding act and one of reasons you should watch Riau Sari. He flawlessly portrayed the character of Awang in the performance and all throughout the play, he successfully served as a supporting factor that held up a scene at times where weakness could be found. We can easily say that Hakkim’s performance was like a sturdy pillar that held up Riau Sari.menari

Riau Sari was further made enjoyable by the appearances  of Azizah Mahsan and Mazlan Tahir— big names we all know of– alongside Carlthiny Adi, Lily Terindah, Nurbaya HassanZhafir MuzaniFudhail Anwar and Q Jamal. Needless to say, everyone who played a role in Riau Sari did their absolute best and their efforts could be seen. Kudos to everyone involved!

Riau Sari will be playing at the Damansara Performing Arts Centre until tomorrow (12 February 2017). For any inquiries about Riau Sari and ticket purchases, contact 014-2692311 (Kiran) or 016-3217561 (Meen), they’d be happy to help!




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