Then and Now: Actors From Your Childhood

When you think about your childhood, a lot of vivid memories come to mind– waking up in your bed even though you didn’t fall asleep in it last night, the sound of a whistle on your first ever football match and making new friends on your first day of school. There is an assortment of memories you tend to think about when reminiscing the glory days of your childhood, and TV is definitely a big part for most of us.

Here’s a look at Malaysia’s favourite actors that have been at it for as long as we can remember. Thank you for being a huge part of our childhood and thank you for doing what you do!

Jalaluddin Hassan

If you’re Malaysian and you don’t know who Jalaluddin Hassan is, are you even from here? Dato’ Jalaluddin has been active in the entertainment field for more than two decades. He has done advertisements, TV shows and movies, you name it! We find him especially cool for hosting the Malaysian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


Fauziah Ahmad Daud

More affectionately known to Malaysians as Ogy Ahmad Daud, she has been in the industry since the 70s and her pace hasn’t withered since then. Malaysians from every generation can say that Ogy Ahmad Daud has been a part of their TV and film experience. In 1985, she was featured in Ali Setan, one of the most iconic Malaysian films from the 80s. After receiving immense success, her determination to further succeed did not falter. In the following years, she has made a name for herself– a name that will never be forgotten.


Rahim Razali

Rahim Razali is a living legend who is known for his vast skill set. He has dabbled in many sectors of the entertainment industry as an actor, writer, director, producer and also sports commentator. There’s nothing Rahim Razalai can’t do. He made his debut as an actor in 1978 and has been am active member of the scene ever since. He has been in many Malaysia’s favourite films such as KL Menjerit, Puteri Gunung Ledang, Cinta and more recently, Ola Bola and Munafik.


Fauziah Nawi

Fauziah Nawi quickly grew to fame after her debut appearance in the 1987 film, Mawar Merah. Eight years later, she starred in Sayang Salmah and this role presented her an award for Pelakon Pembantu Wanita Terbaik at the 12th Malaysian Film Festival. Fauziah Nawi is a force to be reckoned with– being equipped with multiple skills. She does not only act, but sings, directs, hosts and coaches. She’s more than just a triple threat.



When you see his face, a tornado of memories come and rip your brain apart. Real name Zainal Ariffin Abdul Hamid, Zaibo is one of a few of Malaysia’s funny men. He started his career in the 70s and has since acted in various movies such as Anna and the King, Queen Control, Laki-laki and Manisnya Cinta di Cappadocia. It was so hard to find a picture of him when he was younger– he looks the same in every picture!


These five actors are just a small glimpse into the Malaysian TV and film scene. We hope we got the list right and if you’d like to add more of your favourite actors to the list, tweet us at @thedailyseni!

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  1. If its supposed to be a list if then & now, then maybe the article should’ve been more about it. Eg:

    Jalaluddin Hassan


    A quintessential heart-throb, with his effortless charm and good looks rocking the salt & pepper hair look, Jalaluddin Hassan is a staple in Malaysian entertainment scene during the 80’s and 90’s, especially in TV and commercial. Not content with playing the leading man, he also dabbled in villainous roles, and excelled at both. During the noughties he gained a new set of fans as the host of the Malaysian version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”


    Although age catches up with everyone, he has been luckier than most to keep most of the good looks, and as they say class and charm lasts a lifetime. No longer playing the leading man, he has transitioned really well into being a character actor, playing supporting roles with zeal. Although usually typecast as a Tan Sri or a Datuk (in real life he was awarded that title in 20XX) he has also shown good range playing all different sorts of character. He is also still prolific in the commercial world, his face adorning packets of Beras Jasmine Super Special, a local rice supplier brand.


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