Tracks of the Week (20/1/2017 – 25/1/2017)

Although Chinese New Year holidays are around the corner, good music isn’t taking any breaks. From the relatively unknown and soothing, to the more popular alternative scene with a biting new release, here are our five new tracks of the week!

1) Internet Celebrity – Paperplane Pursuit

Internet Celebrity - Paperplane Pursuits

Throwing some cheeky stabs at the obsession for Internet fame that plagues certain members of society; Paperplane Pursuit brings its usual pop funk antics, except this time with a little bit of shade. Although musically it sounds like any other chart-topping hit, with its snappy, peppy mood reminiscent of clean and manufactured boybands  – the lyricism is wonderfully sarcastic. The parts where the radio announcer belt out things like “no line we should not cross/as long as we go viral” is hilarious too.

Also, let’s not forget to celebrate the beautiful irony of the band asking people to post videos of themselves if they want to appear in their upcoming music video (refer to top comment of their Youtube video below). Cheers to that, Paperplane Pursuit!

2) Patriots – Patriots


Patriots, a metalcore ensemble, launched this home-video-styled music video for their self-titled track. A great preamble to what the band sounds like to new listeners – it starts off with a strong keyboard riffs melting into fast and wholesome face-melting truth bombs (“And I’m not ready for the worse part/And the worst part is leaving you behind“).  Who knows what this band feels patriotic for, but they make you wanna feel the same way too.

3) Wayfaring Stranger (Johnny Cash Cover) – Alextbh

Wayfaring Stranger

As if the original Johnny Cash song isn’t somber enough, Alextbh executes a more soulful, electronic atmosphere to this folk tune perfect for the lonely traveller. The EDM breakdown makes it sound like an apt soundtrack for Tron too, but with cowboys; so that’s definitely something to look out for .

4) Good Night – Shuuna



Calling herself ‘Modern Nusantara’, Shuuna is still fresh from the world of Soundcloud. This EP leaves one wanting more, as it mixes a kind of electro-rock vibe unlike any other. Catchy riffs coupled with old-timey vocoder-infused vocals, a definite track for those late night drives on empty highways.

5) Headway – Scarlet Heroes


Maybe calling themselves “non-generic” pop punk is too much of a title to bear, considering that they sound heavily inspired by the likes of generic American indie bands of the early 2000s like We The Kings or The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (I’m not even sure whether people still know who these bands are) or possibly Fall Out Boy with a rougher sound. Notwithstanding what they call themselves, Scarlet Heroes still packs a mean punch. The breakdown and the drumming carries through the song like a machine gun, while still sounding like a great party pop rock anthem (re: greatest party in history). Let’s not forget the adorable dog in the video too. Definitely worth noting.

If you have any comments about our weekly playlist or any recommendations you think is worth noting, feel free to email us at or leave us a mention on our Twitter at @thedailyseni

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