10 Accounts You Should Follow On Twitter

Twitter is an extremely addictive social media form and we can’t get enough of it! We made this list of accounts we think you should follow– if you don’t already follow them. A list full of history, design, language and puns. This list isn’t arranged according to ranking. Enjoy!

History of Malay (@HistoryofMalay)

Language is a perplexing concept when you think about it. Where did it come from? Did people just make sounds with their mouths and eventually create meaning from those sounds? This subject matter is so confusing that in 1866, the Paris Linguistic Society banned all types of speculative discussion regarding the origins of language.

Although History of Malay doesn’t attempt to date back the origins of the Malay language, History of Malay does however, share with us the history of the Austronesian language– the language most of us use on a day-to-day basis!


Faizal Rosly (@ijaicool)

The internet is such a negative place nowadays and on dark and gloomy days in the cyber world, we often turn to lighthearted tweets. Faizal Rosly does exactly that. Reading his tweets is like trying desperately to win a ‘Try Not to Laugh Challenge’ but failing miserably at the end.

Faizal Rosly tweets about everyday things– his family, football and current affairs– and manages to crack us up every time. Here’s our favourite tweet of his.


Gambar Klasik (@GambarKlasik)

“Classic photos from the glorious days of Malaysia” is what it says on Gambar Klasik’s bio and that’s really want they give us. When you follow Gambar Klasik, you get a dose of reminiscence of Malaysia’s past– which to some, may seem glorious when compared to the country today. They don’t only post pictures but also facts about special dates.

Following Gambar Klasik is like meeting a cool rare photograph collector that knows what they’re talking about and knows Malaysia’s past at the back of their hand. Here’s an example of what Gambar Klasik’s tweets look like.


Englishjer (@englishjer)

Following Englishjer is like having a friend who has better language skills than you but isn’t snobby about it. They have your back and are all for your best interests.  The youth collective conducts workshops and classes that have an approach where everyone is equal and there is no intimidation involved– a safe space for learning.

Most recently, they held a camp in Malaysia’s East Coast Region. What they do is an extremely commendable act and the best thing about that is we know they’re not doing it for fame nor fortune but for the people of Malaysia. Follow Englishjer to show your support.


A Samad Said (@asamadsaid)

Need we say more?

Spice up your bland and unseasoned Twitter timeline with a legend’s profound tweets, that may sometimes be incomprehensible to minuscule human minds like ours. A Samad Said doesn’t tweet often but when he does, he drops fire. What are you waiting for? Tap on the follow button.


Mat Luthfi (@Matluthfi90)

Two-time book author, three-time award winner and at all times a funny guy, Mat Luthfi is definitely who you should be following on Twitter. Mat Luthfi rose to internet stardom with his YouTube videos. What’s special about these videos is that they manage to imprint good values in you despite the humour and sarcasm involved– much like his tweets.

Mat Luthfi is a man with a message and you won’t regret giving him a follow. Here’s a tweet where he subliminally calls out the Kelantan government for their logging in orang Asli territories.

(P/S: Mat Luthfi just released a new book, so he’s a three-time book author but that would’ve ruined the joke. Get the book! It’s called Kisah 25 Filsuf Barat.)


Projekpuisifar (@projekpuisifar)

There are very few Malay poetry Twitter accounts out there and Projekpuisifar has managed to stand out amongst the crowd. Expect to be wooed by the powerful words that will emblazon your mind. Improve your command of the language, and make new friends!

Follow Projekpuisifar for a taste of something new. This one’s our favourite.


Hxsm (@hxsm)

You might have already seen Hxsm’s web comics floating around on your Twitter timeline– they are hilarious. Their comics definitely don’t feature fine art but Hxsm has managed to create a very own art form– simply drawn figures that yell out extremely relatable lines that will leave you giggling for days.

You can find puns, jokes and learn a thing or two when you follow Hxsm. If you’re looking for a new guilty pleasure, we’ve found the perfect account.


Cukaria (@CukariaOnline)

Cukaria is something you don’t want to miss out on. It’s a website that posts new cerpens every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each cerpen is a work of art, accompanied by captivating illustrations that leave you feeling haunted. Follow Cukaria on Twitter to be updated when they post a new cerpen.

Cukaria gathers the brightest minds and showcases their talent to the world. You might also want to check out how they got their name– it’s pretty cool.


MY Design Archive (@designarkib)

The last account on our list, MY Design Archive. This account archives Malaysian design artifacts that range from advertisements to flea market antiquities. They aim to be the most comprehensive online digital repository on Malaysian visual culture. Powering through by the blood and sweat of dedicated volunteers, MY Design Archive is also a good Twitter account to follow.

You get to experience and see fun chunks from the past, it’s like #throwbackthursday, except it’s everyday!



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