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Permata Hati: A Musical Drama Starring Zul Ariffin

ON the 19th of January, The Daily Seni was invited to the premiere of musical-drama Permata Hati. Don’t be flummoxed by the label musical-drama though, because it’s a milestone away from what you’d expect a musical to be. Instead of the stars belting out catchy cum heart-wrenching tunes, the 110 minute film features dramatically placed music clips reflecting the mood of the scene. Imagine Zul Ariffin crying with melancholic elevator music in the background. Did we mention he was in it?

Permata Hati puts forth Zul Ariffin as an established working man, Aizuddin, while Elaine Daly fills the shoes of successful businesswoman, Sofea, also his wife. Elfira Loy plays their daughter, Liz. Permata Hati is another one of those Indo-Malaysian crossovers where it features Indonesian film talents Teuku Zacky, Wulan Guritno and Cahaya Rizky Saputra.

The film details the journey of Aizuddin, more affectionately known as Din, and his family as they struggle to face the ghosts of the past. The film is based on an identically named novel written by Rehan Makhtar. The family finds out that Din has a son from a accident that happened with Indonesian woman, Sandra, played by Wulan during a business trip to Jakarta. This finding tests the family’s patience and ends with a fatal incident.

Permata Hati is helmed by directors Feroz Abdul Kader and Dato’ Sri Raja Rezza Shah. Some of you may know the latter as ‘Jali’ from the 80s blockbuster, Ali Setan. A singer and actor, Dato Sri Raja Rezza said that it’s every actor’s dream to eventually produce and direct their own films and Permata Hati is the vessel of victory for him.

filem Permata Hati

The musical-drama was filmed in 2013, and the cast were called in multiple times to shoot additional scenes post filming. Dato’ Sri Raja Rezza told Astro Gempak that his tendencies of perfectionism drove him to halt the debut of Permata Hati until he was satisfied with it. Another reason why Dato’ Sri Raja Rezza took so long to release the film is that he was in search of the perfect platform to showcase this brainchild of his. Eventually, the film was set to be released through Astro First.

“This film is all about family values, and what do families do? They watch TV together.” He says in support of his decision to broadcast the film on Astro First– a service that offers you 48-hour watching time of a film you bought. Permata Hati is set to be released on the 26th of January 2017 for RM15.90 and features actors Zoey Rahman, Danny X Factor, Dato’ Ziela Jalil, Liza Abdullah and many more.

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