Tracks of the Week (7/1/2017 – 12/1/2017)

This week on our review of the latest regional tracks, we’ve chosen to talk about the belligerent, unruly and (slightly) uncouth, with some great math-rock and post-hardcore, while wrapping it up with some shoegazing pop unit from Indonesia – for those needing a little more “happy” in their lives.


KILLEUR CALCULATEUR has always relished in their own mold of punk poetry, the origin of their name itself a work of prose art (check out their Facebook ‘About’ section). This new single exclaims a gritty, abrasive criticism to some abstract notion of hypocrisy and ignorance, made clearest in the last verse. “Persetankan dewamu/Penganut panca dusta/Berzikir khabar angin/Kufur akal“. Although deeming themselves as punk rock, there is a post-rock/math-rock quality to their music too that is difficult to neglect. Surely the aggression in the opening riffs leaves no one pondering their punk spirit, but the rest of the song is a gloomy bass line with anthemic, atmospheric leads and melody. Although maybe it only seems that way because of the verses bulldozing through the song – the words adding ambience to the sound. Who knows? The only thing that’s certain – as the song quotes – “Yang nyata tidak semua”. 

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Killer Calculateur

2) Genuine Fiction – Elmu Hisab

Genuine Fiction

Straight from their upcoming demo EP release, A D E M O N S T R A T I O N, their second track Genuine Fiction, stays true to its post-hardcore roots. Setting off with a coda before spiraling to a wonderful abyss (it figuratively feels like a spiral at the second minute) of diatribe – commenting on the state of Man in the vocalists almost cynical tone (especially the “Man can see/Man can reason” part). This track definitely keeps fans of hardcore and noise rock at the edge of their seats for Elmu Hisab‘s upcoming EP.

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Elmu Hisab
Elmu Hisab

3) Given – Collapse

Collapse Given

Although their shoegazing revival fervour shows in the dreamy vocals of Andika Surya, it is the indie pop rock edge which adds more to the appeal. With the hook inviting you into its carefree world (“We’re high and above/There’s nowhere to go“), Given is a great track from their debut album Grief . Hailing from Bandung, Collapse‘s recent music video for this song is simple and minimal, starting off with the three-piece outfit jamming in a pastel pink room before walking out into the neighbourhood. If you like your catchy rock rough around the edges, check this band out.


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