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Malaysian International Film Festival and Malaysian Golden Global Awards

ON Tuesday, The Daily Seni had the pleasure of attending the launch of Malaysian International Film Festival (MIFFEST) and Malaysian Golden Global Awards (MGGA) at FINAS’s Content Pitching Centre here in Kuala Lumpur.

MIFFest Poster

The film festival will span over a period of 5 days, from 28th February 2017 until 4th March 2017. The Malaysian International Film Festival is an initiative that aims to provide a platform for Malaysian off-screen and on-screen film talents to showcase their abilities to an amplified international audience while also promoting the beautiful diversity of Malaysia to the global frontiers. The festival is supported by Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia (FINAS).

Meanwhile the Malaysian Golden Global Awards will commence on the 5th of March at the Arena of Stars, Resort World Genting. The award ceremony is a way to recognise and reward members of the industry and to give them credit where it is due. The panel of judges and advisors are comprised of highly qualified industry experts from different countries all around the world including our very own Dato’ Kamil Othman and Garin Nugroho from neighbouring country, Indonesia.

Ambassador for MIFFest, Sinje Lee

Also present at the launching ceremony was the ambassador of MIFFEST, Sinje Lee, a woman of many talents and amongst many other awards, received the Best Actress award at Hong Kong Film Festival 2007. The ceremony was also graced by the presence of veteran actress Lai Meng Yi. Some of you may know her from the hit TV show Empat Sekawan which ran for 2 decades and eventually ended in the 80s.

Tune in to Malaysian Golden Global Awards on 5th March 2017 on Astro A-List Channel 456!

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