Music Reviews

Tracks of the Week (2/1/2017 – 5/1/2017)

From retro-spacey pop to celebrations of love, here are our reviews of songs from local artistes that came out this week. Give them a listen!

1) ‘Time Travel Couldn’t Save Us EP’ – The Peachskins

Time Travel Couldn't Save Us EP Cover Art
Time Travel Couldn’t Save Us EP Cover Art

This band emanates influences that hearkens back to a bygone era of retro, Miami Vice vibes in their visuals and sound, combined with a futuristic science fiction aesthetic that patently shows their love for movies like Back to the Future. The EP itself starts off with a robotic intro, bringing you  into a world of digital melancholy. The opening gives you a hint to what’s in store – groovy pop tracks about heartbreak and yearning, captured through a tunnel of electro. When ‘Delorean Daydream’ pops up (the Delorean itself, a reference to the car in Back to the Future, a movie about time travelling, which is also alluded to in the EP’s title, i.e. Time Travel), the catchy riffs cuts into the somber musing of the robot on the first track. Although the EP in its entirety might be a bit bland (since a majority of their tracks sound vaguely similar to each other), there is still appeal in the concept. The Peachskins uses alluring pop to incite a mysterious feeling of nostalgia for a cyber tomorrow. Definitely a local group to look out for!


The Peachskins

2) ‘Talk About You//Punctuation‘ – Kayczar


Kayczar dishes out a great boast track where he ups himself to be “Mentally equivalent to all the galaxies that y’all see/ Look close brother”. It starts out with some smooth bass line and guitar licks, transitioning into a faster tempo, accompanied by some sultry piano backing. This double-track is the whole package. He spits bars after bars, backed by a seamlessly produced jazzy milieu, while keeping you at the edge of your seat, even as the beat tapers down to a slow. A great rap track to start off the year. Do check out the rest of his music on his Soundcloud below!

3) ‘Love Bomb’ – Jumero

Love Bomb
Love Bomb

This new single by Jumero is a feel-good track celebrating love in that unique funky way only Jumero can pull off. The strings that follow this song give off a tinge of Motown, and the instrumentals at the 2:30 minute mark encapsulate the happy energy that sums it all neatly. It’s reminiscent of Toploader’s, Dancing in the Moonlight in its vibe, and invites you to a brighter day, singing “Calibrate, then celebrate you know//You’ve been sitting get out of your shell“. So get up off your seat and start your week with this beat!

Jumero, the band
Jumero, the band

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