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‘Tulus Ikhlas’ bags Best Single Drama or Telemovie from this year’s Asian Television Award!

IN the recent 21st Asian Television Award (ATA), Astro First‘s Tulus Ikhlas took home Best Single Drama or Telemovie. The event, held at Suntec, Singapore last Friday, saw Tulus Ikhlas competes against incredible telemovies from around Asia such as Red Cross -The Enlisted Nurses- (Japan), The Cave Man (Japan), The Cat in the Closet (Taiwan), Through Their Eyes (Japan) and Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door (Australia).

tulus-ikhlas-posterTulus Ikhlas is a telemovie inspired by BERNAS‘s Hari Raya advertisement back in 2012 which tells the story of Adi and Buyong, two disabled friends who are blind and deaf respectively, surviving life in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur as foot masseuses in Jalan Alor.

The 90-minute telemovie was directed by Hafiz Ibrahim and written by Al Jafree Md Yusop, starring Azmi Bahron, Azri Iskandar, Rahhim Omar, Marissa Yasmin and  Mohd Safiq Arsad. Azmi’s role as a deaf person was so convincing, at one point we were convinced that he was born deaf!

Tulus Ikhlas was Hafiz’s first directorial film and the person who made it possible for him to make into the filming industry was none other than the late Yasmin Ahmad.

Despite being a fresh product by Hafiz, the telemovie gained positive reviews from critics and has indeed made an impact in their hearts. Check out our review of it too!

For more information on the awards and the full list of nominees, make sure to head over to ATA2016!

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