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3 reasons to tengok teater ‘Projek K³’, a collection of short plays by Anomalist Production!

WHAT haven’t we told you about Anomalist Production? Here’s a quick recap: a group of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) students got together to do theatre last year and have since grown into the next big thing in Kuala Lumpur’s performing arts scene. And after the success of stagings like Skrip Untuk Ali, Bangsa, Home and Hotel, the group is back with an anthology of short plays titled Projek K³.

stands for Karya Kreatif Kita and will see four pieces written by the young theatre company staged at Revolution Stage‘s Projek Bilik Sempit. One of these new works premiered at Iskandar Puteri earlier this month — Nell Hanan‘s Asmara Malam Halloween ran from 12-13 November as part of Iskarnival Sama Sama at Puteri Harbour, Johor.


Aiming to nurture new talent in the performing arts, Anomalist’s latest project will pool together talents in theatre from all over Kuala Lumpur. To give you an idea of what to expect from Anomalist’s Projek K³, we’ve compiled a few reasons to visit Studio RS in Bandar Utama from 1 – 4 December 2016!

1. Kesegaran!

With Projek K³, Anomalist’s writing continues treading new themes and stories — Khairi Anwar‘s Many A Moon revolves around a physicist who builds the first time machine in Malaysia, while Zulhusni Zamir‘s Mohd Firdaus bin Salehuddin tells of a sharehouse rocked by a bowl of Maggi left in the sink.

In case you missed Iskarnival Sama Sama, Asmara Malam Halloween was a girl-meets-boy love story with a scarecrow and a zombie as protagonists. Last of the lot is Nell Hanan’s Immortal Masterpiece, a surrealistic piece which follows a down and out architect as he rediscovers his drive in an unexpected place.

Mia Sabrina Mahadir with Faridah Merican. Image via Facebook.

Along with their fresh works are fresh collaborators: Jiamin Thong, Izzat Amir, Meng Kheng Tan and Mia Sabrina Mahadir are just some of the actors who will be seen working with Anomalist this time round.

2. Kualitas

When has Anomalist Production truly disappointed anyone? Look at their track record: for a bunch of young theatre geeks with full-time jobs, these creatives have consistently exceeded expectations.

There’s always an audience for their brave and bold stories and it’s not hard to understand why: Bangsa painted a better picture of a majority which perceives itself under threat than any politically-correct adult could, while Home showed us what it was like to be young and Malaysian against the nation’s political backdrop. The latter also traveled to Singapore and has been restaged at their alma mater.

To get a better picture of their works, check out our critique in the archives!

3. Kepelbagaian!

Unlike many productions we’ve seen take place at Studio RS, Anomalist Production makes it a point to provide a better snapshot of Malaysia than its peers. There is ethnic representation from minorities in their stagings while their stories are starting to expand to include more diverse themes.

We’d like to stress the importance of this; promising young talents cannot stay myopic — at least one group of young independent creatives dear to us works exclusively with a homogeneous ethnic team. This limits their reach, reduces the variety of stories they can tell, and makes us hesitant to collaborate with them in the future.

As such, we’d like to commend these folks for attempting to represent Malaysian on the stage and for making it a point to watch as much local theatre as possible.

Projek K³ will run from 1 – 4 December 2016 at Studio RS, 5-11, Dataran Pelangi Utama, One Avenue, Bandar Utama! Shows take place at 8:30pm, with additional 3:00pm shows on weekends. Tickets are priced at RM25 and RM20 (concessions) and can be booked via Khairi at +6012 590 3830 and Zul at +6010 507 5939. For more information, head over to Facebook!

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