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Five new local releases to put your headphones on for

IN the last 11 months, we’ve had plenty of songs and music videos from new and established local artists to entice the eardrums and make you want to dance your feet off.

But we could only document so many. After our music correspondent left to resume his studies at MMU (we miss you, Kayczar!) we thought we’d contribute by curating musical acts for events instead.

In any case, we’re back with five fresh Malaysian songs from various genres — here’s a playlist we’ve cobbled together to keep you in the loop. And you know what, why not email us your list of top local songs this year while you’re at it, we’d love to know what you think!

“Oh Dewiku” by Ramayan

Directed by Irfan AljuffryRamayan‘s latest music video for “Oh Dewiku” complements the track’s lo-fi music elements with breathtaking landscapes. Formed in 2014, this rock band meanwhile comes from Sungai Buloh and is made up of five local guys with a penchant for psychedelic Malay pop. Fans of acts like Pitahati watch out: your hearts might be stolen by this promising new group also signed to Luncai Emas.

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“Merai Perpisahan” by Soo Wincci

Soo Wincci is in the Malaysia Book of Records simply by becoming the first Miss World Malaysia to have completed her doctorate. But trivial record-keeping aside, this multi-talented artist has long been recognised for her collaboration with Joe Flizzow in 2012 and her gorgeous looks. Check out her latest song “Merai Perpisahan” — her hair in the video is a result of two months of continuous bleaching and maintenance!

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“Khayalan Kaca” by Tres Empre

Viewer discretion highly recommended! This Ampang-based post-hardcore band from Kuala Lumpur was formed in 2010 by vocalist Eddie Edzuan and guitarist Azrul Aziz. Their latest, “Khayalan Kaca” is composed by the band with Nash Muhandes, while lyrics were written by Eddie with the band. Tres Empre has quite the following — they’ve amassed over 27,000 followers on Facebook alone and have played at a number of notable local events too!

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“Belle’s Song” by The Last One Awake

We’ve written a bit about this Sabahan musician who appeared on our radar thanks to Astro First‘s Hey Orang Kita. The Last One Awake is the young brother of multi-talented local personality Mia Palencia, and he is also one of the coolest, most driven young artist you’ll meet in Kuala Lumpur at the moment. Currently gearing towards the release of his debut album next month, The Last One Awake recently teased fans with this sweet, laidback track — perfect for those lazy afternoons.

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“Bebastereo” by Laila’s Lounge

Johor’s biggest band (you must have listened to “Mawar Khayalan” at some point in time) are back with their latest single. This new video features Bittersweet — that band which inconvenienced other acts at Iskarnival Naratif by taking their own sweet time with soundcheck — frontman Fizan. Ezzart, who has played with bands like Couple and Decades, also makes an appearance! These cool guys most recently performed at Iskarnival Kreatif and Iskarnival Sama Sama to rave response from the crowd.

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We are currently compiling a list of our year’s favourite songs and shows! Make sure to share with us your list via email at or Facebook!

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