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Which of these 3 major upcoming Malaysian movies will you watch?

Looking back on our local films of the past ten months, it’s not been a bad year for Malaysian cinema. Don’t you think so?

We’ve had high-grossing movies such as Ola BolaMunafik and BoBoiBoy: The Movie, as well as international breakthroughs including Redha and Pekak. Isn’t that impressive? But before we call it a wrap for 2016, here are three interesting movies coming out soon which could be a sneak peek of what to expect in 2017.

Sit tight, relax and anticipate. Then vote and let us know which one makes you most excited!

Rock Bro

The BriefRock Bro is the final instalment of Mamat Khalid‘s well-known Rock movie series. The story this time is told from Rimba Bara-leader Joji’s point of view. The band continues to struggle musically and politically in the industry. Meanwhile, Jijoe comes across rock queen Ella and starts having feelings to the extent that he is willing to leave his career and bandmates for a more secure future. Will Rimba Bara fall apart as various conflicts arise? | Director: Mamat Khalid | Starring: Khir Rahman, Pekin Ibrahim, Azmi Bahron, Amy Juliet | To be released 27 October 2016.


The Brief: After a three-year delay, Hanyut is finally seeing the light of the day — thank FINAS for stepping in to aid the film with promotional funds! This adventure drama based on Joseph Conrad‘s Almayer’s Folly tells the story of Dutch trader Almayer who struggles to survive in Malaysia during the early 19th century. He dreams of discovering a mythical gold mountain but he also has to deal with his plotting wife, colonial authorities and his daughter’s love for a freedom-fighting prince. | Director: U-Wei Haji Shaari | Producer: Julia Fraser | Starring: Peter O’Brien, Diana Danielle, Sofia Jane, Adi Putra | To be released 24 November 2016.


The BriefInterchange is the Malaysian movie event of the year, and it’s a fantasy thriller from the director of Bunohan.  Adam is a forensic photographer who starts having hallucinations after he witnesses remnants from a bizarre murder. After keeping himself locked in his own apartment, he returns to the outside world to help his best friend Detective Man investigate a series of murders. Adam then befriends an ancient shaman named Iva who is on a quest to free the souls of her tribesmen accompanied by her tribe’s spirit animal Belian. We’d tell you more but perhaps it’s better to just let the trailer blow you away. | Director: Dain iskandar Said | Producer: Nandita Solomon | Starring: Shaheizy Sam, Iedil Putra, Prisia Nasution, Nicholas Saputra | To be released 1 December 2016.

What do you think?

I paling tak sabar nak tengok…
Rock Bro

My IQ Test


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