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12 artists battle it out at the first ever Art Battle Malaysia

“IT’S upbeat. It’s gonna be inspiring. It’s gonna be about you.”

That’s what Art Battle Malaysia promises for those interested to witness Asia’s first ever Art Battle on 22 October 2016 at The Square, Publika!

Art Battle Malaysia first made it into Pitchpad ASEAN’s shortlist earlier this year. Conceived by program director/self-taught artist Ruby Subramaniam during a trip to Brazil where she participated in Art Battle, this latest exercise is Ruby’s attempt to adapt and introduce the idea to local audience.

“I aim to have the masses (the people who aren’t involved in the current art scene) to start conversing more about art. Because Art Battle’s mechanics involves choosing the winner with voting, it gets the audience discussing the artwork amongst each other.”

— Ruby Subramaniam

Ruby Subramaniam during the Art Battle in Brazil 2016
Ruby Subramaniam during Art Battle Brazil 2016.

Art Battle is where artists create their art works within a 20 minute time frame during which audiences can observe up close.

The 20 minutes just passed like a second. I can’t remember it. I think it is the epitome of every artist to lose yourself in the moment. I wasn’t thinking, I felt like my hands were moving on their own. It was the best moment of my life.

— Ruby Subramaniam

At the end of each round (there will be three rounds) you get to pick and vote for which artist stands out the most, until a champion is crowned.

A very special guest has signed up to participate in Art Battle Malaysia and that is our very own Stan Lee (not the one from Marvel) who has battled twice in Art Battle Canada!

Stan C Lee

The adrenaline rush was incredible, the atmosphere electric. To have people go around the painters as the painting progresses and with time running out, it was a first for me. It’s like a UFC fight with paints and canvas. With a 20-minute time limit, it forces one to simplify everything — bringing out the best or worse in us, depending on how we adapt to the constraints. One thing is for sure, I will be back. I loved it!

— Stan Lee

Art Battle Malaysia (sponsored by Premier Art, in collaboration with Publika) encourages artists, artists-to-be, and art enthusiasts to come, mingle and experience art.

Who would want to miss 12 artists battling each other through art, yes? You will even get to see photographer and musician John Loke performing covers with an erhu as well as singer songwriter Francis Wolf. There will also be a live art auction too!

Make sure to head on over to The Square, Publika (the open space opposite The Social/Bens) tomorrow at 3:30PM!

For more details check out Art Battle Malaysia’s Facebook and event page. You can check out THIS video to see for yourself what Battle Art is like.

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