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This month at Richard Koh, catch an artist from China who really likes dust

WEEKS ago, Richard Koh Fine Art featured a number of works by local artists for Malaysian Art, A New Perspective. That exhibition aimed to introduce the diversity of art practices here in Malaysia. This October however sees the gallery kicking up some dust for China’s Zhang Zhenyu.

3983351Zhang began transforming dust into art since 2011, collecting dust in varying conditions and array of hues. Through a repetitive process, the dust is glued onto the canvas in layers and will then be polished until the surface is shimmering and reflective.

He works with dust because he feels dust is often overlooked despite its omnipresence in our surroundings. This way, Zhang also gets to convey his viewpoints on pollution in China in a more simplified manner.

People are not able to control it or change its form.

— Zhang Zhenyu,

This is set to be the artist’s first solo exhibition outside China and also his first time in Malaysia — Zhang’s last solo exhibition was in Hong Kong. Dust will open on 28 October 2016 and remain available until 18 November 2016.

Zhang studied oil painting at the Central Academy of Fine Art of Beijing and he has flourished in the city as a professional artist since then. His exhibitions include Attitude about Abstract ART, Chaos: A Fragmental Eram and a collaborative event with the 55th International Art Exhibition La Biennal di Venezia titled Voice of the Unseen.

Dust at Richard Koh Fine Art will display eight recent paintings created between 2014 and 2016. Excited and interested? Head on over to Richard Koh Fine Art on 28 October for the opening reception!

‘Political Landscape’ by Zhang Zhenyu at the Shuffling the Cards exhibition.
Zhang Zhenyu Dust 151121 Dust on canvas
‘Dust 151121’ by Zhang Zhenyu.

Zhang Zhenyu Dust 160903 Dust on canvas

‘Dust 160903’ by Zhang Zhenyu.

For more information regarding the exhibition, contact Richard Koh Fine Art at and +603 2095 3300.

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