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Astro celebrating you for their 20th anniversary

SATELLITE television service provider Astro is giving free channels and programmes to its customers in conjunction with its 20th anniversary.

Astro Group CEO Dato’ Rohana Rozhan said after 20 years of providing its services to customers, Astro wants to continue screening a variety of contents (Astro Ria, Astro Maya & MayaHD, Astro HBO, Astro ONE and more) to attract more customers. They are confident to obtain 90 per cent customer reach of seven million households in the next five years through their dual approach of pay and free business models.


“In turn, it will provide the company access to address approximately 30 million individuals within these households, at home and on the go,” she said after launching Astro’s 20th anniversary in its headquarters in Bukit Jalil on Monday.

She added that as Astro is stepping into the third decade, competitiveness to win customers’ time and money will be more intense especially with the digital aspects in the media industry that is constantly changing.

Rohana also attributed the company’s over 20 years of success to Astro’s ability in getting to know its customers better than anyone else as well as meeting its challenges ahead.

“Our sustained achievements in the past two decades are actually very strong testament to the grit and hard work of a great number of people across team Astro.”

“We commit yet again to the need to better serve customers more effectively and efficiently to interactive digital and increasingly social platforms,” she added.

Walking down memory lane of its 20 years of operation, Datuk Aznil Hj Nawawi and Vince Chong (winner of Akademi Fantasia 1 in 2013) talked about their memories during their AF era and their journey since then. Johan, Zizan and Nabil were also there and they too reminisced their journey in Astro before and after Raja Lawak.

Also present during the event was Korean heartthrob, actor from the popular drama Doctors, Kim Rae-Won, who made his first ever appearance in Malaysia.


Malaysian celebrities such as Aaron Aziz, Lisa Surihani, Astro talents such as Nicole and Geraldine (Astro Star Quest), Alinda Alphonse (Vaanavil Superstar), Asian Battleground dancer (Red Lycans), Hafiz Suip, Dira Abu Zahar,  newly crowned Akademi Fantasia 2016 winner Amir Syazwan and many more.


As a gift back to its loyal subscribers, Astro customers can tune in to Astro Fiesta (CH 996 / HD CH 998) for free till the end of the year.

Apart from that, customers can also participate to win one of 20 exclusive once-in-a-lifetime adventures including a trip to key sporting events like the Barcelona vs Real Madrid match in Spain or WWE Wrestlemania 33 match at Florida or a Premier League match in England, a trip to South Korea to attend one of Korea’s award shows such as 2016 MBC Entertainment and Drama Awards, 2016 KBS Awards or 2016 SBS Awards.

Visit Astro’s website if you wanna win some amazing prizes with various contests!

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