Faisal Ishak’s Malaysian movie trilogy about delinquents to come to an end with Juvana 3

IT all started with a hit TV series from 2011 which won at Anugerah Skrin 2011.

Revolving around juveniles kept under strict rule in a special school, Juvana questioned society’s approach to young delinquents. Most teachers in the correction school where Juvana took place refused to partake in its student’s affairs. It was only until Cikgu Zakiah’s transfer to the school that things began to look up for the young boys. Pushing for rehabilitation through education, Cikgu Zakiah helped lift protagonist Daim out of his misery against more orthodox approaches and coercive action from Encik Raja, the school warden.

7juvana300_450Two years after Juvana left television screens, it appeared on the silver screen.

Picking up from where the series ended, Juvana the movie was a huge success. On top of grossing RM2.8 million nationwide it put forward director Faisal Ishak as a promising Malaysian talent in directing. Faisal would go on to direct both of the film’s sequels as well as current box office hit Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi!

Juvana 2: Terperangkap Dalam Kebebasan was released last year to more muted reception at the box office, although the film went on to receive a Best New Male Actor award from Festival Filem Malaysia last month thanks to actor Adam Shahz performance. Closing off the series is Juvana 3: Perhitungan Terakhir, due this coming Thursday.

Teenage dream

If those who watched Juvana 2 were wondering why the film’s ending seemed abrupt, wonder no more! Juvana 3 is a direct continuation of Juvana 2, so expect all your loose ends tied by the end of this trip to the cinema.

Some of our followers on Twitter are huge fans of the Juvana series — one went on to deem Daim’s character transformation throughout the series as one of the greatest in Malaysian film history.

No real surprise, as all three films were written by none other than screenwriter Alfie Palermo, who currently heads Persatuan Penulis Lakon Layar Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (PENULIS). Alfie’s track record also includes acclaimed films like Jejak Warriors and Gila Baby.


Daim, played by Zahiril Adzim in the TV series and film adaptation, has also drawn praise for his performance in the franchise. He was last seen as leading man in Kroll Azry‘s much-debated Pekak. His co-stars in Juvana are also forces to reckon with: Johan As’ari and Hasnul Rahmat complete the picture.

Growing pains

Juvana 3 continues from the point Daim, Botak, and Ayam slowly come to realise that the deal they made with Encik Raja in order to save Botak’s father, Apek’s siblings and Daim’s girlfriend Sara, was all a trap. Encik Raja had masterminded the entire thing in order to exact revenge on the boys.

Daim, still devastated over Sara’s death in the hands of Tok Ki (Pekin Ibrahim) in the previous installation, has become emotionally unstable. He avoids his friends and eventually falls for Raja’s job offer. At the same time, Raja also hires Botak and Ayam which he manipulates into doubting one another.

Soon, it is revealed that Raja was responsible for the kidnappings led by Tok Ki in Juvana 2. But will Daim, Botak and Ayam realise this before it is too late? And most importantly, will they finally be able to live out their full potential?

Find out in the film when it is released on 29 September 2016 in all good cinemas around you.

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