CHVRCHES has remixed a Malaysian song and you can listen to it now!

SABAH-born musician Rozella (who performed with The Daily Seni at Iskarnival last weekend) has a song out which has been remixed by popular Scottish band Chvrches. Rozella was noticed by the band during collaborative music project Tiger Jams, where they chose her song “Home To You” to play with in the studio.

If you want to know why even Chvrches is listening to Rozella, start by checking out “Dark Side“, her collaboration with Darren Ashley from earlier in the year. Then put on “Home To You”, an original written for Tiger Jams and another solid entry from the singer which will leave listeners in a daze.

“Home To You” was pit against originals from local acts Sound of a Policeman (SOAP) and Donamarie during the finale of Tiger Jams, in which the Top 3 battled it out live. Rozella came out on top because Chvrches were impressed with the song’s simplicity, which allowed the band plenty of room to experiment in the remix.

Rozella wrote “Home To You” on the keyboard, while Darren arranged and helped her refine the track. The Kota Kinabalu artiste debuted in 2013 but quickly soared in recognition due to her unique vocals and musical sensibilities. Aside from scoring entries in the Malaysian English Top 10, Rozella was also nominated in two categories at this year’s VIMA Music Awards.

But away from music, the young singer-songwriter has one very special project of her own.

True Complexion is her very own story-sharing initiative aimed at empowering people who have skin conditions and physical characteristics. Through the platform, she shares photographs and stories from people around the world who spread awareness of true beauty and self-acceptance.


Listen to “Home To You” and make sure to let us know your thoughts!

For more information on what Rozella has been up to, make sure to check out Facebook and True Complexion then follow her on Soundcloud!

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