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“Majulah komedi untuk negara”: Wanna send Jason Leong to Finland?

LAUGHTER is the best medicine. This has been scientifically proven, and it is exactly why stand-up comedian Jason Leong often blows off steam in the realm of stand-up comedy. Why, he used to be a doctor!

Jason Leong decided to turn comedy into a full-time career after his first ever performance for a five-minute slot at Time Out Comedy Thursday in Kuala Lumpur.IMG_14101

The show was in Kuala Lumpur, and at the time, I was working in Penang. I took two days off and I drove four hours down. Whatever I said during that night on stage was formulated during the drive actually. I was given five minutes, but apparently, I did nine. After that, the crowd reacted really well and they told me I should come back, and the rest is history.

— Jason Leong, The Star

It has been a wonderful six years for Jason since that fateful performance, and Jason leong now spends his time curing people with humour.

His portfolio as a stand-up comedian is quite extensive. He won the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival in 2013, then performed at Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Gotham Comedy Club in New York, and hit gold at the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2015.

The University College in Dublin graduate admitted that he has always been the funny one among his family members, a.k.a his biggest fans, and he also enjoyed the times when he get to entertain his relatives with his jokes at dinner parties. The highlight his career as a stand-up comedian would probably be his comedy hero Harith Iskander sent him a message on WhatsApp asking if Jason wanted to do a show at Stadium Putra (which seats 9000 people).


With all these achievements under his belt, Jason has recently been chosen to represent Malaysia in Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in The World Competition (alongside fellow countryman Harith Iskander). The Laugh Factory is a major comedy club that has produced big names such as Chris Rock, Dave Chappele, Jerry Seinfield and many others.

If Jason gets the most ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ among his peers, it means he will go to Helsinki, Finland for the finals. Here, 20 videos will be presented but only one will be eligible to win the grand prize of USD$100,000. Check the video down below, like it and share it around! In the wise words of Dr. Jason Leong, “Majulah komedi untuk negara!”.

Watch the video HERE and make sure to spread the word!

For more information on Jason Leong, make sure to visit his Facebook page! Written by Aizuddin Norzaid.

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