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Review: Kau Rasa? (Tyme Check Productions, 2016)

Speech and drama teacher slash Sisiseni theatre-doer Nawfal Zamri delivers the most badass show in town.


Directed by Nawfal Zamri
Starring Han Zalini, Akmal Ahmad & Atiq Taki

After debuting two years ago at Short + Sweet Theatre, this Malay-language adaptation of a 2012 short film titled The Alienist triumphed over its dark past, metamorphosing into a suspenseful and rewarding forty-minute piece. Tyme Check‘s Kau Rasa? was held at Revolution Stage‘s makeshift Bandar Utama blackbox Projek Bilik Sempit last week. Taking place in two rooms within a jail, the play features prison psychologists seemingly at loggerheads over a perpetrator of violent crime: they cannot decide whether to execute or send subject number 2710 to a mental institution. The story comes to an end via a cheap twist which also potentially creates fertile ground for allegorical significance. Since its short-lived stint as a ten-minuter on Pentas 2, Kau Rasa? has grown into a tense slow-burner thanks to clever editing. There is strength in Nawfal Zamri’s direction; energy flows dynamically throughout his stage compositions while a daring amount of breathing space gives the play a real sense of danger. Thankfully, Kau Rasa?‘s performers deliver top-notch work, doing justice to its zany characters. Even during rare lulls, the play punches out almost fully-intact: actor Akmal Ahmad’s excellent grasp of character is the glue that binds on-stage proceedings tight. Done justice by a capable young ensemble, Kau Rasa? is a bold and successful attempt at exploring the human psyche and the weight of the death penalty.

Kau Rasa? was held from 31 September to 4 August at Studio Revolution Stage, Dataran Pelangi Utama, Bandar Utama. For more information on what else is happening at Projek Bilik Sempit (there’s a magic magic show this week and a restaging of Senapas next week) make sure to check out Revolution Stage or scope out our event listings.

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