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Maxis puts out Malaysia’s first 360° film series by local filmmakers and Youtube content creators

IT is Merdeka and Malaysia Day is fast approaching, but did you know Maxis and YouTube collaborated and premiered the first ever Malaysian 360° film series in celebration of our independence day? Just when you thought all corporations are evil, surprise: Maxis Rojak 360° came out last week.

posters-02 (2)Head of Marketing Communications at Maxis Bernard Lee said that today’s smartphones have made films more inclusive. Therefore, this latest project from Maxis aims to make the most of cellular technology by combining classic storytelling, 360° video technology and the video streaming experience on Maxis 4G.

Unless you’ve seen a 360° film before, it’s quite difficult to comprehend the wonders of virtual reality and how far we’ve come as human beings, but trust us that this is a big deal.

Given how much data virtual reality could potentially consume, Maxis is using this opportunity to flaunt their Maxis 4G network which has grown greatly — earlier this year The Borneo Post noted that demand for 4G in Sabah, where Maxis recently expanded, was “through the roof”.

Maxis Rojak 360° was produced by five local storytellers comprising YouTube-famous The Ming Thing and RED People, local Tamil production house Veedu, filmmaker Junad Mohd Nor and director Barney Chua. Three of these films (Lost and Found by The Ming Thing, Cham Cham by RED People, and Rojak Cow Cow by Veedu Productions) were released on YouTube last week. Two more films will be out in the nick of time for Malaysia Day 2016.

But do you have one of these yet? We could tell you more but none of it will make sense unless you’ve got one of these, so hurry and get one!


You can buy one off Google for USD$15.00 but Google would rather you make your own — it explains that all you need is cardboard, lenses, magnets, Velcro and an elastic band. Instructions, measurements and templates are all provided for free on Google. And if you have a factory and want to manufacture them? By all means, go ahead as Google Cardboard is an open-sourced initiative.

It’s going to be life-changing and liberating; visit strange worlds and faraway places in the comfort of your own home and even watch Maxis Rojak 360° on the Youtube app. And if you’ve already equipped for this journey, check out Lost and FoundCham Cham and Rojak Cow Cow.

To find out more about Maxis Rojak 360°,  visit the official website! Written by Aizuddin Norzaid and Deric Ect.

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