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Highly-anticipated Malaysian film to screen in Toronto following Swiss world premiere

AFTER world premiering in Locarno and confirming a Malaysian release date, Apparat‘s upcoming release Interchange was selected by the 41st Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) earlier in the week.

1388_nAs one of two Asian productions confirmed in TIFF’s Vanguard segment of the festival thus far, Interchange will be showcased alongside other “dark and edgy films that twist genre and art house conventions together in a new way”.

This is Interchange’s second major festival selection after it first scored a premiere at Festival del film Locarno on 5 August 2016. Filmed last year, it was produced by Apparat Studios in collaboration with Mouly Surya and Parama Wirasmo‘s production house Cinesurya.

Director Dain Iskandar Said‘s last film Bunohan meanwhile world premiered at TIFF in 2011 and went on to play at Fantastic FestRotterdam, Sao Paulo and Palm Springs. Bunohan also won the Netpac Award at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, and the Golden Hanoman at the 9th Netpac Asian Film Festival (JAFF).

Playing to over 8,000 audience members at Locarno, Interchange made news as one of Locarno’s early sales successes, scoring distribution in Spain through Film Buro Producciones on top of securing Swiss and Taiwanese releases.

The film’s international sales agent Reel Suspects also reported that Interchange is receiving strong attention in France, according to Variety.

Interchange stars Nicholas SaputraPrisia Nasution, Iedil Putra and Shaheizy Sam. Written by Dain, June Tan, Redza Minhat and Nandita Solomon, it revolves around a cop and a crime photographer who find themselves treading supernatural ground as they pursue a series of ritualistic murders.

A Malaysian release has been scheduled for 1 December 2016, exactly one week after U-Wei Haji Saari’s Hanyut hits cinemas following a controversial four-year delay.

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