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FIXI promises not to discriminate against “typeface” or “font size” in its inaugural film poster design award

MALAYSIAN publishing house FIXI has announced its inaugural Anugerah Poster Filem Terbaik, an award to be handed out to the best local film poster of 2015/2016. Insisting that the award is unofficial and unrelated to any “film festivals past or present”, FIXI revealed its latest initiative on Facebook today.

Anugerah Poster Filem Terbaik ini bertujuan untuk meraikan hidup. Dan juga meraikan bakat warga Malaysia yang terlibat dalam bidang rekaan dan promosi, yang memainkan peranan penting dalam apa jua kerja seni.

Anugerah Poster Filem Terbaik, 12 August 2016

Previously, film posters were recognised and afforded a category of its own in national film awards ceremony Festival Filem Malaysia (FFM). The category however vanished in 2015 and has not returned to the ceremony since.

For its debut edition, Anugerah Poster Filem Terbaik will eligible to all Malaysian films released between 1 January 2015 and 30 June 2016. This is set to give 104 local films a chance to compete for a cash prize of RM5,000, also sponsored by FIXI.

A shortlist of candidates for the award will be announced and uploaded on Facebook next Friday. One recipient will be decided by a judging panel consisting of FIXI’s in-house cover designer Teck Hee, filmmaker Rewan Ishak, and Ezrena Marwan from Malaysia Design Archive.

Anugerah Poster Filem Terbaik — in its organiser’s trademark irreverence — also claimed it will not discriminate against typefaces, font sizes or colours.


FIXI’s latest move comes after a whirlwind of negative publicity for national film awards ceremony Festival Filem Malaysia ke-28 (FFM28).

Last week, FFM28 segregated three award categories which prevented non-Malay films from winning major awards. The move invoked a strong response from the industry, as well as past winners.

Yesterday however the ceremony announced that it will abolish three of its disputed categories following the furore, instead creating a brand new Filem Terbaik Bahasa Kebangsaan category which is set to honour films made in the national language.

Founded in 2011 by filmmaker and author Amir Muhammad, local publishing house FIXI made milestones this year as the first Malaysian publisher to reach the London Book Fair, where it launched three Southeast Asian short story anthologies titled Heat, Flesh and Trash.

Check out Anugerah Poster Filem Terbaik and FIXI for more information. We’ll be back with the nominees list on 19 August 2016 so keep an eye out for that!

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