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Which of these new Malaysian movies would you watch?

HOW has 2016 been for Malaysia at the movies? In a year that bore the well-reviewed Jagat and Redha on top of box office mammoths Boboiboy The Movie and Munafik, our estimate is somewhere between OK and GOOD. But don’t let us bore you with our assumptions, and let’s look at five new and upcoming releases. Given the attention our local film industry is getting from Festival Filem Malaysia ke-28 and its many missteps, isn’t it about time for a brand new box office hit to remind us why we’re even here in the first place?

Now it’s your turn to be the judge. Tell us whether these films below excite you; we’ll do our best to tell you everything we know about them in order to help you get through this. We trust your judgement will guide local filmmakers and authorities on the sort of projects that people want to support. So do your part, and make sure to vote for the future of the local film industry!

Cars + Time travel + Drifting =
Kampung Drift

The BriefKampung Drift looks like one of those crazy movies that will gain a following years from now. But you can also opt to watch it today, because it’s already in cinemas near you! The film opened last week with an estimated RM240,000 over the weekend. Kampung Drift follows the coming of age of Johan, who seeks love, self-worth and reason for being in the popular motorsport of drift racing. | Director: Nevin Hiong | Producer: Nevin Hiong | Starring: Pekan Ibrahim & Syafie Naswip | Released 4 August 2016 | By Mico Pictures Studio & Empire Film Solution

Malaysian Police + Vengeance + Romance =
Temuan Takdir

The Brief: Temuan Takdir is a thriller police story investigation that runs through the streets of Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and KL to find ultimate the kingpin. The film is notable for starring Disney Channel‘s Azura Zainal, stage veteran Zahim Albakri and The Red Kebaya‘s Vanidah Imran. It also drew Tony Fernandez to its premiere — Temuan Takdir is set to be the first film premiered internationally in-flight, when it takes to AirAsia screens three days before it hits cinemas nationwide. | Director: Dhyan Vimal | Starring: Zahim Albakri, Ery Zukhairi, Azura Zainal, Vanida Imran, Amai Kamarudin, Thanuja Ananthan | To be released 11 August 2016 | By Zazen Production & Empire Film Solution

Soldiers + Guns + True Story =
Kanang Anak Langkau: The Iban Warrior

The Brief: The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) had a special screening of historical biopic Kanang Anak Langkau: The Iban Warrior earlier this year in May. Based on the true story of national war veteran Kanang Anak Langkau who fought during the Second Malaysian Emergency, this one has the support of the national army and even stars Sergeant Kanang’s own son, Langgi Anak Kanang. As a result, expect a more personal take on the battle between the local Iban Dayak community and communists at Tanah Hitam, Perak. | Director: Bade Azmi | Starring: Langgi Kanang, Adi Putra, Johan As’ari | To be released 25 August 2016 | By Tangan Seni & K3X Production

Love + Psychedelics + Sharifah Amani =

The Brief: Don’t expect clichéd romance and chick flicks with this one. Pekak details a romance between an oppressed young woman and a deaf young man in Malaysia, but we’re expecting it to come decked in illegal substances, nail-biting action and a whole lot of sexy. Also hinting of trippy cinematography, the film follows Uda, who looks to fast money for a surgery that could restore his hearing. Pekak was one of five films brought with FINAS to the Cannes Film Festival this year and it premieres to members of the press today. | Director: Mohd Khairul Azri Md Noor | Producer: Tengku Iesta Tengku Alaudin | Starring: Zahiril Adzim, Sharifah Amani, Iedil Putra, Sharifah Sakinah, Amerul Affendi & Zaidi Omar | To be released 1 September 2016 | By Grand Brilliance & Lightbulb Pictures

Security Guards + Slapstick + Underdogs =
Muluk & Konco: Hero Malaya

The Brief: Remember Muluk, the unassuming everyday security guard with a degree under his belt? Because if you liked Abdul Razak Mohaideen’s Chowrasta, you’ll be glad to know that Muluk has been given his very own movie! Muluk & Konco hopes to be a lighthearted, fun-for-the-whole family comedy with bonus takeaway morals. Done by Universiti Teknology MARA (UiTM)‘s filmmaking faculty and its students, this one could be well worth watching to see how what sort of films is being made by our national tertiary education institutions. | Director: Abdul Razak Mohaideen | Starring: Azhari Zain, Saiful Apek, Yassin, Jalil Hamid & Sarah Hilderbrand | To be released 15 September 2016 | By FiTA Studios & UiTM

What do you think?

Which one of these movies will you watch?
Kampung Drift
Temuan Takdir
Kanang Anak Langkau: The Iban Warrior
Muluk & Konco: Hero Malaya

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Featured image from Pekak.

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