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These KLPA-winning photos could give Humans of New York a run for their money

THE 8th Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards (KLPA) are proud to announce their handpicked prizewinners from over 1,600 entries worldwide! But before we continue, we must say this year’s bronze trophies crafted by Chelsea School of Arts’ alumnus Lana Locke is one piece of artwork we’d like to own.


KLPA aims to foster the photography community both on a global scale and within the South East Asian region, paving the way for innovative creations by photographers from all walks of life. The annual competition in portraiture photography is divided into four categories – Stillness and Distance, Open Portrait, Special Select Juror Prize and South East Asian Prize.

This year’s panel comprise Managing Editor of Time Out Kuala Lumpur, Kong Wai Yeng; award-winning photographer Eiffel Chong; Director of OBSCURA Festival of Photography, Vignes Balasingam, and Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Dr. Oh Soon-Hwa to name a few — the competition beyond doubt in good hands.

To get up close and personal with the works, head down to Whitebox Gallery, MAP @ Publika from 6 – 17 August. Be sure to catch their “Walk & Talk” series too on Sunday 7 August for the opportunity to engage with the prizewinners from around the world!

Enough mentioned on our side, we’ll let these stunning photographs speak for themselves.

Stillness & Distance 1st prize Kathrin Tschirner, Germany "#14-09-03 - Frau VII,” from the series “Kurfürstenstraße”
Stillness & Distance 1st prize
#14-09-03 – Frau VII
Meet Azmeer Abdullah, the owner of Habit Art Cafe in Alor Setar, Kedah and brilliant Architect. One-eyed man with multiple talent, poker-faced but humourous, all at the same time. 
It was his birthday when this photograph was taken.
South East Asian Prize
The Designer/Barista
Stillness & Distance 2nd Price MICHELLE SANK, Uk Olly - Transgender Female to Male. 3 months into hormone transition therapy
Stillness & Distance 2nd prize
Olly – Transgender Female to Male. 3 months into hormone transition therapy
Stillness & Distance Finalist
Makarich and Vladimir
South East Asian Prize
Batman Returns
Special Select Juror Prize Heiko Tiemann, Germany Boy with Drape
Special Select Juror Prize
Boy with Drape
 - one of Singapore's oldest public housing estate. Mr Lai, 64, makes a living selling dust pans fashioned out of metal 
oil containers. The eccentric Mr Lai is well-known among the residents for his uncanny ability to mimic sounds and also perform balancing tricks using his 
umbrella. The bachelor makes it a point to wear a tie everyday - all of which were given to him by people over the years.
South East Asian Prize
DESMOND LIM, Singapore
Mr Lai Kok Chuen in his home at Dakota Crescent
Open Category 3rd prize
JOHN FEELY, Australia
The Ousider, 14
AYLA | 2015 by © Jitske Schols
Stillness & Distance Finalist
JITSKE SCHOLS, The Netherlands
Stillness & Distance Finalist
Anthony, village butcher
Mélanie, transgender and her boyfriend, father and family, Quimper (2015). Melanie is posing with her boyfriend, She's in the middle of a sexual 
reassignment. She is highly supported by her family, her friends and her boyfriend.
Open Category Finalist
Mélanie & her family

Let us know what you think and visit KLPA for more info!

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