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Perlis-native Muhammad Najmi continues making strides as a gamer and video logger!

THE Kampung Nerd is an on-the-rise YouTube channel from a Perlis native you must check out — especially if you own a steam account.


It’s first-ever episode uploaded in March witnessed his unboxing of the coveted Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) gaming console. It garnered over 5,000 views, validating the channel’s appeal from the start. The channel has more than 1,700 subscribers to date.

The channel’s ever popular “Jom Main Game!” series has reviewed games such as Dying Light: The Following, Dark Souls III, Final Fantasy XV and Nioh.

Check out the Products Unboxing/Review segment if you’re looking to get your money’s worth on gaming gear. Whether picking out the best monitor or optimum budget headphones for your PS4, The Kampung Nerd has you covered.

The channel has also reviewed some of the latest Marvel & DC blockbusters such as Captain America Civil War — all without spoilers.

This one man show is run by Muhammad Najmi Abdul Rahman, who does it all in the depths of a literal kampung. Picture paddy fields and rivers right next to this gamer’s house decked out with video gaming equipment and minimal internet service.

Najmi, also a freelance graphic designer, personally designed, edited and shot the whole channel over the past four months.

He claims that the process has been nothing short of life-changing. For one, he never expected to be a YouTube broadcaster as he hardly does public speaking. Nor did he think he’d score a thousand subscribers within three months.

Najmi has always been an avid gamer since 5, here with his Playstation 1
Najmi has always been an avid gamer since 5, here with his Playstation 1

His channel’s success is also helping him adapt his love for gaming into a full-time career.

The Kampung Nerd has earned the approval of industry players including Sony PlayStation and local Gunpla stores, which are offering sponsorships to the channel. The once small-timer has also received invitations to be a shoutcaster at gaming events.

Najmi, always beaming through his videos with his friendly and inviting demeanour, has big plans for The Kampung Nerd. Besides giving back to his followers — he recently had a giveaway of 150 raya cards — he plans to update his current purple-curtained ‘studio’.

He is currently looking into merchandising and the Patreon community in order to help him transition into becoming a full-time YouTuber.

If all this happened within a short span of 4 months, who knows what’s in store for The Kampung Nerd next.

Don’t forget to subscribe to The Kampung Nerd‘s channel and follow him on Facebook for more updates.

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