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Penang, get ready to be “taken down” by Skies Are Red this weekend!

BUDDING rock band Skies Are Red will be taking their music to Penang for the first time on their Take Them Down Mini Tour 2016 this week. After performing live regularly around notable venues in the Klang Valley such as Merdekarya, the band will debut live in George Town from 23 – 24 July.

At Speaker Pecah's 2nd Anniversary Showcase, Live Fact
At Speaker Pecah’s 2nd Anniversary Showcase, Live Fact

The tour, named after the first song the band ever composed, set into motion earlier in July with an appearance at Live Fact KL‘s Speaker Pecah 2nd Anniversary Showcase and will see the band finishing up at D’Loovis in Penang.

“One day, you wake up and realize that there is something wrong with the stories you’ve been told about the world,” elaborates guitarist Dervin Frank on the origins of the band’s Take Them Down tour. “For others, it may take a life-changing event that opens their eyes.”

“But this is actually the first time we are attempting anything like this. As we’ve been performing in familiar venues, with this tour we’re taking our music to places we’ve never played.”

The band — led by lead vocalist Danielle Williams and Dervin — will see the same lineup of members from when they performed at The Daily Seni and Minut Init‘s BINTANG X BULAN back in April. Dervin notes that the chemistry between all three performers have improved after time performing together.

Skies Are Red is also in the midst of getting songs recorded and will be using the tour to promote new material. The band — deriving its name from the nautical phrase “red sky at night, sailor’s delight, red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning” — wants to keep their sound “as raw as the recording engineer will allow”.

So far on their mini tour, the band has performed alongside alternative rock acts such Djezna’s Stalker, The Fridays and powerhouse metal group Silent Angel.

“Ultimately all a band really wants to do is to play music,” says Dervin Frank. “For us, its all about our music reaching more ears. Through these shows, we hope to learn a lot, meet and make new friends, as well as enjoy music by other bands.”

Remember to show your support for Skies Are Red by following them on their FB page here and SoundCloud here


  1. You might convert me yet to rock music. All the best on your tour. “Break a leg”
    Mum of the vocalist.


  2. Rock it out you guys – Skies are Red. Do your best and make it the most memorable event ever.
    Guitarist Dervin’s mum.


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