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Review: Morphic Resonance (Minut Init Art Social, 2016)

THE concept of morphic resonance posits that “memory is inherent in nature”. It is grounded in the idea of collective consciousness, which proposes a “collective memory” shared by all humans.


adjective | existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute.
e.g. “any form of mountaineering has its inherent dangers”

First conceived by writer Rupert Sheldrake, morphic resonance is also the title and thematic drive behind a recent collaborative exhibition at Minut Init Art Social featuring the work of seven local and international artists.

minut 4

A pink doorway and four flights of stairs hidden in between Uptown Damansara shoplots (increasingly populated by posters, art and graffiti) direct visitors to an exhibition space haunted by an otherworldly voice.

The source of this sound is Olga Titus‘s short film Hybrids, projected on the gallery wall in close proximity to a mini golf setup. Due to the piece’s surreal cinematography — reminiscent of the works of surrealist cult legend Alejandro Jordorowsky — curiosity inevitably pulls viewers front and center.

Running at approximately 15 minutes in length, it is easy to absorb. As the film rolls around a desert featuring men and women in uniforms performing zany tasks under various circumstances, one gradually finds sense in the visuals.


In due time, viewers realise that all that is happening on screen, though initially bizarre and humorous, reinforces and reiterates the artist’s greater statements about race, culture and identity as an artist.

Moving across the exhibition space, one is then struck by a colourful spectacle displaying on a television screen. There you will find Family, a neurotic collage of what appears to be early-internet message board gifs melded with 1990’s children’s television animation.

Created by Wang Rou, Family features flashing images and repeated symbols and they warp and rotate in disjointed nostalgia. Through this piece, Wang Rou excavates parts of his own self closely-linked to the internet, in order to analyse how the internet has shaped most of our lives and our understanding of identity.

Meanwhile, droning narration and psychedelic lighting amplifies the sense of an overarching theme present in the display.

minut 3

These are only a few examples of the works on display at Morphic Resonance, a set which appears to be born from the subconscious of each showcased artist. These are pieces which attempt to express that which rationality fails to grasp, let alone explain.

The diversity in technique and medium also contribute to the exhibition’s vibe of transcendence; lemon-soaked film photography, stone on canvas, ultraviolet-luminescent paint, overlapping projections and animation fill out the rest of the gallery.

Minut Init’s curation and thoughtful use of space through this latest exhibition will leave visitors with ears to the ground for more from Kuala Lumpur’s independent art scene.

Morphic Resonance ran from 24 June 2016 – 1 July 2017. Follow Minut Init to keep yourself updated with all the latest events happening at the gallery!

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