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There’s nothing vanilla about exciting new stage omnibus ‘Taman Neapolitan’

PROJEK BB is back with a new play that is sure to pique your interest in many ways, even from the mention of its name. Upcoming stage omnibus Taman Neapolitan alludes to the three-flavour ice-cream which inspired the concept of this play — expect three distinctive stories in a park setting courtesy of writer/performer Arshad Adam.

Neapolitan consists of short plays Neon, Beromen and Shit Happens. They address romance on a deeper, more personal level, through next-door “Ali and Ahmad” type characters.

Take for instance the qualms of unrequited love explored in Shit Happens, or Beromen, which follows a love triangle of conflicting sexuality. Completing the set is Neon, the story of a man’s disillusioned weekly ritual to the park to wait for his lover.


According to producer Anissa Azis, Taman Neapolitan is nothing like what Projek BB has ever done. The upcoming play marks the first time the collective will be fully-realising a production independent from established local theatre group Revolution Stage.


Projek BB, formed by a group of former theatre workshop participants under Rumah Anak Theatre and myHarapan, has done some major work since its early days. In the last year alone, they were behind musical-within a-musical Superhero The Musical as well as Sekuntum Mawar Merah, which reunited Sinderella drama stars Remy Ishak and Nadia Aqilah.

The format of Taman Neapolitan — three short plays directed by three young directors — was inspired by Five Arts Centre‘s young talent showcase TIGA.

Bringing Arshad’s writing to life are musician-actor Surnia Fizul, The Keeper’s Studio founder Azzad Mahdzir, and theatre practitioner Omar Yunus. All will be making their directorial debut.

“Taman Neapolitan is all about hope,” explains Anissa. “Hope keeps love alive, hope can mend broken hearts, and hope makes people strive to make most of their life.”

The production will also be putting forward some notable faces, such as Tundukkan Playboy Itu actress Shaza Bae (Neon) and Astro Awani broadcase journalist Izza Izelan (Shit Happens).

Neon by set designer Shufitri Shukardi
Neon by set designer Shufitri Shukardi

Online, the cast has also been sharing their personal stories behind the project — check out scriptwriter’s Arshad Adam writing process on Instagram for instance.

The team reports that ticket sales have been picking up since Raya, and the show has already gained substantial support from the community thanks to Projek BB’s strong social media efforts. Tickets for opening night and next Wednesday night have already sold out.

Taman Neapolitan will be staged at Studio RS, Dataran Pelangi Utama as part of #ProjekBilikSempit, an initiative by Revolution Stage which pits audiences and theatre together in intimate spaces.

Since setting up its Bandar Utama headquarters in February this year, the studio has seen a number of productions including Hamlet Machine, Lelaki Dari Gua and Siputman take place within its makeshift blackbox.

Taman Neapolitan takes place at Studio RS from 22 – 31 July 2016 at 3:30PM and 8:30PM, all tickets are priced at just RM20! Don’t forget to follow Taman Neapolitan and Projek BB for more updates or get your tickets from Fyza Mokhtar by calling +6019 458 8854.

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