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This Twitter account operated by Malaysian artists provides weekly curated doses of art!

HEARD of @Twt_seni yet? You’re missing out. The mysterious Twitter handle is the account to follow if you want to urgently brush up on your exposure to visual art, particularly from our local industry.

Featuring content curated weekly by local guest artists, @Twt_seni has been curated by the likes of KL Sketch Nation Founder Kymio Flario, graphic designers Nadhir Nor, Yunroo, Bono Stellar and Najmi to name a few.

And yes we repeat, these talented creatives actually curate the stuff you see on the Twitter account. Every week, a chosen curator engages in discussion about their own works, their muses and other up-and-comers.

Examples include graphic designer Yunroo, who has brought @Twt_seni to the graffiti walls of Bristol and East London’s Comic & Art Festival, while art collective ArtoMovement visited batik museums to show followers techniques and products of the industry (check out the hashtag #BorakBatik).

Followers are also welcomed to participate in the curation process; simply tag @Twt_seni on any artwork you’ve posted and want to highlight, and these guys might just pick it up.

Their definition of art is broad — expect stuff like poetry, special effects make-up, sculpture, graphic design, photography, sketches and much more on your feed.

To date, @Twt_seni has garnered a strong following of over 10,200 followers since it began in 2013 as an active platform for like-minded art enthusiasts to talk about what they love. Take a look at their selection and make sure you follow them on Twitter!

@Firdaus_Kazman "Rebirth"
@Firdaus_Kazman Rebirth
@AkiRahmat "Mandi Sungai"
“Mandi Sungai” a face & body painter and special effects makeup artist a face & body painter and special effects makeup artist
Hikayat (2016) by Mohd Farid bin Jamat.
Hikayat (2016) by Mohd Farid bin Jamat.

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