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11-year-old former ‘Ceria Popstar’ contestant goes viral after singing in China

ONE Astro singing competition alumnus has gone further than most would have imagined possible.

Eleven-year-old Adinda Tasya Mansor from Ceria Popstar 3 impressed Chinese viewers and subsequently netizens after she sang Disney‘s “Let It Go” and a song by internet celebrity Lin Yu-Chun on the fourth season of reality singing program Let’s Sing Kids on 2 July 2016.

In the popular competition currently airing on major Chinese network Hunan TV, the vibrant young girl identifies simply as Adinda.

“Before this, I was afraid of singing in front of a big crowd, but here, now, I will be brave,” said Adinda moments before taking the stage to perform the song “Next Stop in the Future” in Mandarin by singer Lin Yu-chun.

— Adinda, The Star

Videos of the occasion have gone viral, amassing Adinda half a million views on Youtube and other video-viewing platforms thus far. Her performance ends to a standing ovation from live audience members as well as competition judges.

98b0008e4a9a372c2bc_515_916The young singing sensation from Simpang, Perak has already been compared to Adele and Malaysian Mandopop singer Shila Amzah — some quarters have even dubbed her “Little Shila”.

Shila has been one of Malaysia’s most successful musical exports to date, but her success in part has also been due to high profile singing competitions. She has won or finished as runner-up on at least four to date.

During the day, Adinda is a student at SJK(C) Sin Min in Taiping. She’s a small girl with big dreams; on top of being an aspiring popstar, she is a passionate competitive singer. She’s built extensive experience in the field, having participated in more or less one hundred singing competitions from the age of five.

Wearing black-framed glasses with her hair pulled back into a ponytail, Adinda has lost none of her bubbly charm but she appears almost ordinary on Let’s Sing Kids — a far cry from the more ambitious and glamorous side she showcased on Ceria Popstar 3.

Last year, the Astro Ceria reality program put Adinda under the tutelage of HazamaCeria Popstar however tasked her with performing weekly concerts — highlights include her well-received rendition of Najwa Latif‘s “Suatu Hari Nanti“.

During her Ceria Popstar journey Adinda managed to release her debut single, a pop song by AG Coco and Faris Zailani titled “Elok”. She eventually finished fifth during the finale and took home RM5000 in prize money.

Adding to her versatility as a performer, Adinda has no difficulties speaking or singing in Chinese. In a chat with The Star she states that her parents encouraged her to learn the language and it helps that she can now speak to her friends in another language.

Upon taking Let’s Sing Kids by storm, Adinda chose to be mentored by singer-songwriter Su Yunying for the rest of the competition. Prior to this, she also received training under Jacob Vocal and Art Studio principal Jacob Teo.

This young girl has been lauded on social media for being a beacon of cultural integration and hard work. Will she go far in the competition? We don’t doubt it; judging from her newfound recognition, this one definitely knows what she’s doing.

Follow Adinda on Instagram and show your support while we await updates from the competition!

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