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What are these ‘artistic impressions’ of HANDS Percussion’s latest Malaysian-French showcase, ‘OPIUM’?

HAVING met Mathilde Limal, Florian Antier and Anne Degguery over chance encounters in Malaysia, Bernard kept in touch with them, building friendships over time through their love of championing true life and expressing it using their own individual art forms.

Mathilde (a vocalist), Florian (a cellist) and Anne (a visual artist) eventually found their lives settling in Malaysia, far away from their homeland Arriving here at different times for reasons personal to each, they began adjusting to a new life amidst very different surroundings. But they still had the same desire to express and share their experiences.

The journey on OPIUM for each of these artists is similar: all three come from France but currently live in Malaysia and they love it. They were able to leave one cultural hub for another and successfully pursue the art forms they loved.

“Here I was, a Malaysian performing artist, wanting to live and be in Paris thinking things seem greener on the other side. How simple yet ironic it all was!” says Bernard.

“Having understood each other’s work and sharing a passion for interpreting what made us who we are and what defines us, led us to these artistic expressions.”

For these artists, OPIUM is an expression of how living in Malaysia has influenced them, and how they have chosen to make life here their own. Malaysia as we know it is very different from France in many ways. Yet they have made this their home —  a happy and satisfying one.

This fact reinforced Bernard’s realisation that it isn’t where you are or who is around you that makes your life work, but it’s how you decipher every situation you are in and how you choose to deal with each of them. This is his interpretation of life here in Malaysia as a long-standing performing artist with a passion for France.

Bernard adds, “It really is about taking something positive out of every situation.”

Similarly, local artists like Wong Jyh Shyong, Ong Chia Koon and Joe Chia among others will be drawing on French influences and personal views of France in their respective performances.

Returning to the stage after 4 years, Bernard’s decision to perform in OPIUM ties in very closely with the reason for the show: to jointly create artistic expressions out of our own life interpretations. Everyone has the opportunity to interpret their own lives to what works best for their hearts, mind and soul.

Hands Percussion presents Opium at the DPAC Arts Festival from 26 – 31 July 2016. For more information, make sure to check out their official Facebook page and keep an eye out for more details to come over the next few weeks! Written by Sueann Tilaka and edited by The Daily Seni.

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