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Local tamil film Maravan continues making strong impression at smaller international festivals

We have inspiring news again from the film industry and this time it’s about Tamil movie Maravan (The Bravery)!

Despite facing 4000 submissions from 105 countries, the film came out on top in June at the 2016 International Open Film Festival New York & Dhaka (IOFF), winning the Country Best Award .


The film has also secured a spot as semi-finalist at the Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne (PFFM) 2016, announced within the same month.

Released last October, Maravan is SD Puvanendran’s directorial debut, written and produced by M. Chandran, vocalist from the band The Keys. Running at 120 minutes, the movie stars a mix of popular and up and coming talents including Kumaresh, Haridass, Denes Kumar, Kavitha Thiagarajan, and Pushpa Narayan.

The thriller — a rubber tapper’s journey from rags-to-riches gone wrong amidst an illicit entanglement with human trafficking and the drug trade — was inspired by true events.

Shot in the Klang Valley and Semenyih, Maravan has now made its way into film festivals around the world including Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Russian International Film Festival, Singapore World International Film Festival  and Scenecs the International Debut Film Festival.

SD Puvanendran took to Facebook has been pleased with the film’s international performance, after it raked in over RM91, 000 at the domestic box office.

“All these festivals are promoting and exhibiting our film, our country, our language, our culture in their countries and all over the world,” he stated on Tuesday. “In return, they expect us to do so in our country, to our countrymen.”


Follow Maravan for more updates on the film! All information and pictures sourced from Maravan The Movie’s Facebook pageStar2 and The Raykat Post.

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