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Official statement from Leo Burnett Malaysia with regards to ‘Rubber Boy’

This is a statement we received from Leo Burnett Malaysia over allegations that Chinese New Year television spot Rubber Boy utilised a rejected pitch by Da Huang Pictures from December 2014.

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 June 2016 – Leo Burnett Malaysia announced that a demand letter has been issued by its lawyers to Tan Chui Mui and Da Huang Pictures, to give them the opportunity to retract recent statements, which they have made or circulated on social media. This demand has been issued following Mui’s unfounded allegation that her story regarding Rubber Boy was copied by Leo Burnett.

Tan Chui Mui, in series of postings on Facebook, from 24th June to 27th June 2016 and subsequently, claimed “But I can’t believe how an Ad Agency like Leo Burnett can just use my story without asking my permission.”

Despite an earlier explanation to Da Huang Pictures by Leo Burnett that their treatment and the Rubber Boy webfilm have different storylines, Tan Chui Mui continued to make these false allegations through her Facebook page.

Leo Burnett reiterates that the key elements including the message, the characters, the setting in the rubber estate and the emotions, are very much a part of the agency script, which was shared with three directors in 2014 including Da Huang. Neither Tan Chui Mu nor Da Huang Pictures furnished those key elements.

There appears to be an intention to cause damage to the Leo Burnett’s reputation and that of its clients through these social media postings, which were shared and later picked up by mainstream media.

In order to safeguard Leo Burnett’s name and reputation, and that of its clients, Leo Burnett has no alternative but to initiate legal proceedings if Tan Chui Mui or Da Huang Pictures refuse to retract the statements. Leo Burnett views these allegations seriously and will leave it to the courts to decide on the matter.

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