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Watch ‘The Last Day of School’, that Malaysian-Singaporean collaboration which took home Silver at the Cannes Lion!

The #LeoBurnettPlagiarism debacle wasn’t the only thing to result from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It’s worth mentioning that Doghouse73 Pictures and Bartle Bogle Hegarty Singapore (BBH) bagged the Silver Lions Award at for their short film The Last Day of School (爸, 我放学了)!

Based on the true heart-rending story of how one girl must make a difficult decision in support of her family, the film was made in Singapore in collaboration with NTUC Income for the OrangeAid Future Development Programme, a foundation dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth.

the last day of school1

James Lee, director of The Last Day of School, took to the Doghouse73 Pictures website to congratulate his creative team on the success, accrediting many such as cinematographer Teck Zee, editor Winnie Wong and BBH Singapore.

“I have learned a lot throughout the process of making the film and now am able to confidently verify that film is a collaborative art form,” James stated, “it’s not a one-man show, or a one-man vision.”

The six-minute Mandarin film was released last August and since then has garnered solid recognition — it took home seven awards at the Singapore GONG 2015 Creative Circle Awards which included the coveted Director of the Year plus Gold for Film & TV Craft Direction and Cinema Commercial.

Check out the film and let us know what you think!

Follow Doghouse73 Pictures on Facebook for more information! Information sourced from Doghouse 73 Pictures and Cannes Lions.

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