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3 Songs you need in your playlist this week! (13-19 June)

THIS week on our playlist, you’ll find a variety of flavours to choose from. As local music slowly returns to fruition while we progress through the second week of puasa, we’re going to be looking at older releases in our exploration of rocking tunes from your motherland. From pop electronica to rap beefs, read on to check out our picks of the week!

“Disco Biscuits” by Santaroena

As we await his full length debut album RogueSantaroena (Fazry Santaroena) serves up the latest single from his upcoming record. “Disco Biscuits” is the third release from Rogue, and it impresses like its predecessors “Rogue” and “Dreams You Never Wish Came”.

On this latest track, Santaroena deviates from his usual bassy, glitchy sound for something a bit more fluid. Doused in heavy, omnipresent synths and some nifty drumwork, this is a record that is as atmospheric as it is danceable.

Self-produced and engineered with the help of Akhyla Records beatsmith YAHNA, Santaroena’s latest release adds to the promise of his upcoming album. Check out the track above and follow Santaroena on Soundcloud for updates on his debut LP!

“Blow” by Nadia Nair

If you haven’t heard of Nadia Nair, be prepared to be swept away. Born to a Malaysian mother and Swedish father, Nadia grew up in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. She’s been making music since childhood, and she’s best described as an artiste that successfully melds cultures through her work.

Her records are haunting, dancey and tinged with references to her own heritage. Back in April however, Nadia unleashed her brand of world-infused electronica via her debut album Beautiful Poetry. This album features the stand out track, “Blow”.

“Blow” incorporates instruments such as the sitar and tabla on top of conventional pop elements like heavy pianos as well as a pounding drum rhythm. Nadia’s vocal delivery — smoky and sexy during the verses and soulful when landing the punchy chorus — ties all her influences very nicely indeed.

Have a listen to the song above and head to the iTunes store to purchase Nadia’s debut LP Beautiful Poetry!

“Candy (Diss)” by Kidd Santhe

Rap is as much a sport as it is a genre of music. Given the long-standing history of clashes (inherently known as “beefs” in the scene) between artistes, it has become a norm for rappers to drop “diss tracks” about other emcees, all in the good spirit of competition.

This week we observe 19-year old Kidd Santhe, who presents a diss track aimed at Akhyla co-founder N3mo (also one of The Daily Seni‘s 5 Malaysian Under-25s who’ll make you rethink the word “millennial). Santhe has been under the radar for awhile now, refining his craft under fledgling label Monster Sounds — co-owned by one of Kuala Lumpur’s finest hip-hop DJs, DJ Biggie.

Santhe takes no prisoners on the record and wastes zero time, immediately addressing his subject from the very first line. His brash and defiant lyrics questions his opponent’s ability amidst 808s and rattling snares.

Should we expect a response from N3mo? Is this real beef or is it a marketing stunt? You’ll just have to keep your attention locked on both parties to see how this one unfolds!

Check out all three tracks and be sure to let us know if we missed out on any great music this week! Comment!

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