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Best-selling FIXI anthology ‘KL Noir’ hits the screen with Deanna Ibrahim, Sharifah Amani and Susan Lankester in tow

OUT from the safari madness of Lalu comes the latest project from Seeing Eye Films: a short film omnibus on women adapted from FIXI’s urban cult series, KL Noir. Titled Dark Triptych, the set comprises adaptations of Nadia Khan‘s Savages, Angeline Woon‘s Stones of Justice and Wong Pek Mei‘s Anai.

Always on the lookout for the unusual, original and controversial, Seeing Eye Films last put out celebrated composer Ion Furjanic’s debut short film Lalu, which is currently taking the internet by storm. The production house’s official follow-up will be Savages out on 1 July 2016, which also stars model and aspiring actress Deanna Ibrahim as well as Susan Lankester, Sharifah Amani and Bront Palarae.

Savages details the unnerving nature of human trafficking and is a dark piece in line with KL Noir‘s punchy, gritty vision. The teaser for the short is out now, featuring Deanna eating fried chicken in quiet menace.

Stones of Justice will follow on 1 September 2016, while a release date for Anai has not been confirmed. Issues that will be explored over the three films include snatch theft, sexual exploitation and other things affecting women.

Follow Seeing Eye Films on Facebook for more details and possibly even a sneak peek at these films!

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