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Akhyla co-founder N3MO lands “Shokunin”, first single off upcoming album ‘NRETBTSNPEFASS’

IF you don’t know about Malaysian rap whizkid N3MO, that’s about to change. Previously featured on Time Out Kuala Lumpur‘s Top 30 Local Tracks of 2015, N3MO has just put his first official release on the net.

Over the past few months, the Akhyla co-founder has been extra hard at work with the release of KAIN’s debut record Duality on top of gearing up towards the unleashing of his debut album NRETBTSNPEFASS (“Not Rich Enough To Buy The Scene, Not Poor Enough For A Sob Story”).

But this week, N3MO dropped the first single off of his forthcoming album, and it’s a dark, uncomplicated cut titled “Shokunin”. The track was inspired by David Gelb‘s 2011 documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, in which the concept of shokunin — someone who is completely devoted to an art form and continuously aspires to grow — is expounded.

N3MO gets straight to the point on the track, boasting “technically speaking, my tactical technique is lethal”, as deep kicks and a slapping snare threaten non-believers.

Gritty production aside, “Shokunin” also features producer and multi-instrumentalist VMPRMYTH who delivers a long-awaited verse which addresses his hiatus from the microphone. VMPRMYTH also claims to be “back in the game” as he dishes out his rapid verse — watch out for more from this one too.

“Shokunin” was also released with a music video featuring both performers in an empty club with beautiful women. Shot at Red Room, TREC, the video was directed by Calvin Too (better known by his stage name DJ CTOO). Make sure to let us know your thoughts!

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