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Malaysian short film ‘Rozita binti Roslan’ to be screened at Southeast Asia Program and Symposium

SHORT Shorts Film Festival & Asia, one of the largest short film festivals in Asia, will be collaborating with the Japan Foundation Asia Center to present some of the latest short films to come out of Southeast Asia this year!

In conjunction with Southeast Asia Program & Symposium, the festival will be showcasing five short films from South East Asia, comprising Vietnam, Brunei, Thailand, Myanmar and even Malaysia!

The Malaysian short to be showcased is BMW Shorties 2014 winner Rozita binti Roslan. Directed by Taufiq Kamal, the film revolves around Ilham, who constantly seeks to define his dreams, specifically in relationships. When Rozita appears in his life, she brings new experiences for him. She changes the way he manages expectations, losses, and even fear.

That year’s installment of BMW Shorties also saw the film nab Best Director (Taufiq Kamal), Best Sound Design (Mohsen Othman), and Best Editing (John Hafiz). The film was also met with extremely positive reaction from the audiences and was noted for its distinct audiovisual style.

Last year, the film was screened at the Asean Film Symposium 2015 in Singapore and as well Cambodia International Film Festival 2015 in Cambodia.


This year’s Southeast Asia Program & Symposium aims to tackle the current status and future of Southeast Asian short films.

Featuring panelists like documentary filmmaker Lamin Oo from Myanmar, Center for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents General Manager Phuong Hoang Nguyen, and Malaysia’s very own award winning filmmaker Tan Chui Mui, the symposium aims to discuss the state of short film development in Southeast Asia and will serve as an important platform to share ideas between the countries involved, in order to help propel Southeast Asian short films to greater heights.

Among other films to be showcased at the festival include Vietnamese filmmaker collective We Are Filmmakers‘ head honcho Nguyen Le Hoang Viet‘s tragic fantasy The Cat and The Orange SeedsAznniel Yunus‘s Masa from Brunei, highly acclaimed animated short Nine from Thailand, as well as Soe Moe Aung‘s drama To School from Myanmar.

The short films will be screened over five days at five different locations across Tokyo, from 5-24 June 2016. Head to the official site for specific details!

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