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3 Songs you need in your playlist this week! (6-12 June)

IT’s been a slow week for the local scene. With the ushering in of Ramadhan, most artistes will be taking a breather until Raya comes. We don’t have any festive tunes for you yet — this time last year L’Zzay was on with “Joget Selfie Raya” — but here’s more decent local music for you to consider adding to your playlists.

“Terrapuri” by Zulhezan

First up, we have one quarter of Kuala Lumpur-based math-rock makers Dirgahayu. While the band is on hiatus (drummer Seikan has gone to Japan) Zul has been keeping himself more than busy. Known for the neatly-crafted guitar work on Dirgahayu’s records, Zul last week took to Soundcloud to share two original pieces titled “Aubagn Gárn” and “Terrapuri”. Both will be featured in the upcoming documentary Pelayaran Ke Terengganu by Amir Muhammad and Tan Chui Mui, directed by Badrul Hisham Ismail.

The standout of the two new releases is “Terrapuri”,  which opens with heavy distortion but progressively stabilises before plunging back into an eerie, otherworldly experience. The track appears in the trailer — which you can check out here — and makes for an engaging audiotory experience.

“Narrative” by Skits

Every member in Kuala Lumpur punk/pop/psych rock outfit Skits — Phang (Keys/Synthesisers), Brendan (Guitar/Sampler), Eric (Bass), and Rashaad (Drums/Percussion) — claim to be “outcasts” in their previous projects, which include associations with such bands as Free Deserters and Citizens of Ice Cream. Two years ago however, a call for musicians on Brendan’s Facebook page brought all four men together. Fast for ward to last month, and the band has released it’s debut album BUT NO, an instrumental genre-bending effort which delves deep into Brendan’s extensive sample collection.

The album features several standouts, but one that really sticks out is its second cut, “Narrative”. It starts off slow, almost ballad-like with its piano melody and lingering strings, then culminates into a celebration of pop-rock and guitars. The track also features a reading of Alice in Wonderland, another gem from Brendan’s library of samples. Check out the track below and head to’ Facebook to purchase the album along with some official band merch!


Janji” by Altimet feat. Takahara Suiko

Local rapper Altimet has always tended towards lyrics which contain some form of wisdom or knowledge. It’s a trait which comes alive on this new release put out almost two months ago — “Janji” is a collaboration between Altimet and singer-songwriter Takahara Suiko (who was recently featured in the telemovie Hey Orang Kita) and is a thumping ode to God — which also sounds a fair bit like Kanye West‘s breakthrough hit “Jesus Walks“.

In the track, Altimet discusses religious figures in Islam, as Takahara joins him with a powerful vocal performance towards the end of the track. Featuring heavy-hitting drums and an ominous, mysterious loop running throughout, its the kind of song that should appeal to everyone regardless of their background. Check out the track  and be sure to follow Altimet on Facebook, or look out for more releases from Takahara as well!

Check out all three songs and follow us on Soundcloud for weekly playlist updates!

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