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Syawal Slayage: Taekwondo collars, butterscotch mustard, and more in CO2’s ‘Aerosphere’

WORN by the likes of mansandal-master Nazifi Nasri and PR extraordinaire Jiman Casablancas, new fashion brand CO2 bears great promise for those who appreciate a nice, modern cut.

CO2 infuses subtlety into its designs through stark shapes and prints, and claims to be inspired by carbon dioxide. Their debut collection Emission turn heads with its showstopping Sakura Pyjama shirt, keeping true to what the label is about — eloquence in simplicity.

Taking delicate aesthetics to new heights is CO2’s follow up collection this raya season, titled Aerosphere.


Aerosphere differentiates from CO2’s debut range, as the latest series boast a touch of ocean blue, mint green and mustard. Stepping up in terms of shape and colour, the collection would appeal to the simplecentrics.

This raya, why not experiment with taekwondo necklines? CO2’s taekwondo shirt also comes in short sleeves with ocean blue stripes, but for a relaxed and clean look, go for an all-white, long-sleeved top.

The first full colors to appear in the collection comes with CO2’s loose shirt with two square pockets and work sleeves available in pistachio green and butterscotch mustard.


But consider a breezy alternative to baju melayu via a stripey teluk belanga number that comes in aegean blue and white stripes, or mint green and white stripes.

We’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. In the meantime, check out CO2 on Instagram or send them mail via

13402382_514851832041322_1577796580_n  13408832_1026930930676342_1511033981_n

co2 7

co2 113285312_1742807806000388_504126144_n

 Stay tuned for more Syawal Slayage as we go through local indie fashion to pick out what else you could be wearing this raya! Got suggestions? Leave them in the comments section!

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