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FAZZ frontman spearheads new collaboration with Singaporean musicians in The Kevin Michael Project

LOCAL singer, lyricist, composer and founder of Malaysian’s most whimsical pop-cabaret-swing band Fazz, Kevin Vong is looking to broaden his horizons through a cross-border project with talents from our old neighbour, Singapore.


Bursting onto the scene with “That’s Life”, which won the the First Prize at Sonica Song Composing Competition in 2012, Fazz was crowned best live band one year later in the first season of Diamond In The Rough, held at The Venue, Pavilion. Over in Singapore, Fazz secured second place in Resort World Singapore‘s Coliseum Jam.

But this time around, Kevin is looking to expand his audiences via The Kevin Michael Project — his collaborative musical initiative with Singaporean musicians.

The goal? To create 10 completely new songs from scratch in the span of two-three months. The project, spearheaded by Kevin himself, aims to find out where his musical capability can take him in Singapore’s growing music industry

The project grabs inspiration from Vaudeville theatre. Performances will see Kevin collaborating with Singaporean artistes like Ben Jacob Lee, known for his melodious piano-infused covers of popular songs, mostly posted on his Youtube channel. Ben will be lead keyboardist for the project.

Other artistes involved in the project include Benjamin Mah, Founder at Stompbox SG, the fastest-growing online music retail store in Singapore.

As a bass guitarist who draws influences from the likes of Michael League (Snarky Puppy) and experimental artists like Thundercat, Benjamin is a long time collaborator of Ben Jacob Lee’s. He’s also played for notable artists like Berklee-graduate Nathan Hartono.

On drums is Raf Soundwalker, the percussionist/drummer of Singaporean trio Inner Vibe. Beginning as part of a community project at the Esplanade library, Inner Vibe matured quick, and went to open for South American band Havana Social Club during 2014’s Jazz in July in Singapore.

Look out for the first track from the project, which we’re hoping to share with you soon!

In the meantime be sure to check out Fazz’s Facebook page for some smashing music!

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