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3 Songs You Need In Your Playlist This Week (30-5 June)!

It’s that time of the week again!

Every week local artistes put out creative content that is undeniably great, though most of it tend to get lost in the sauce due to the rapid pace of the internet. But don’t fret! We’ve got you covered on three local must-haves on your playlist this week. Read on!

“Compass” by Darren Ashley

This is the man behind Monday Juice, a biweekly offering of sumptuous tracks which began in January 2015, kicking off with “Shakuhachi“. Since then, Darren has been putting out a steady stream of music that in all honesty would have made for a pretty amazing album if compiled.

On his latest Monday Juice release, Darren cheekily revealed that he is “running out of fruits to put on the cover” of his tracks, hinting that this could be the end of this run of biweekly tracks.

The latest, and possibly one of the last tracks of the series is entitled “Compass”. It features Darren’s trademark catchy and heady electronics alongside some earworm melodies over the span of three minutes. But also nestled in the track is his optimism; Darren urges listeners to always “search past the shore” for something new and pursue what makes them feel alive.

It could seem that “Compass” is his love letter to fans of Monday Juice. But whatever the case may be, we are definitely looking forward to what he has in store for us once Monday Juice comes to an end!

Check out “Compass” and be sure to follow him on Facebook for updates on his upcoming projects!

“Møønshine (Ørumari // Roshan Menon)” by SaturdaySelects 005

As Monday Juice nears its end, music fans can turn towards burgeoning new music series SaturdaySelects. An initiative by .dfne agency — a fledgling marketing and branding company operated by local photographer Roshan Menon and friends — SaturdaySelects is a platform for upcoming creatives to showcase their work.

Bringing together primarily photographers and musicians, the collaboration sees musicians submit beats, songs or sound design which will then be matched with photographers who want to capture the track in visuals.

The latest release from the series features young musician Ørumari (previously known as Ego), presenting an instrumental track titled “Møønshine”. It’s a melting pot of sounds, kicking off with a beautifully crafted sitar intro upon a bed of field recordings before transforming into a laidback synth-driven instrumental.

The cover art shot by Roshan Menon features a girl flipping her hair: an apt representation of how the track makes you feel, peaceful, yet strong enough to cope through hectic days!

Check out the track and follow SaturdaySelects on Soundcloud for upcoming collaborations!

“Sir John McDougall Garden” by Golden Mammoth

This one is for all the Tame Impala fans (yes we know you’re there)!

Putrajaya-based outfit Golden Mammoth are a local psych rock band, lead by multi-instrumentalist Syabil Alyahya. The band recently released a full-length album titled Metaphoric Quadraphonic on the back of making it as finalists on The Wknd Sessions Recording Fund. Retreading the steps of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, Metaphoric Quadraphonic was written and recorded by Syabil himself and features some pretty trippy sounds.

A standout of the release, “Sir John McDougall Garden” features melodies and rhythms influenced by British rock from the 60s but is incredibly soothing. Syabil’s vocals are heavily filtered, which creates for a heavy juxtaposition against the song’s core drum pattern and melodious guitar work.

Give the track a listen and be sure to stream the full album on their Soundcloud or purchase a digital copy here!

Listen to all three songs and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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