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Review: Bercerita Pasal Hantu (Sisiseni, 2016)

Campfire sessions in strange places blur the line between theatrical and supernatural.

Concept by Cech Adrea and Amzar Anaqi | Directed by Adieyka Zainal
Featuring Yusmar Afeendi, Sein Fattah, Cech Adrea, Ozzy Sourius, Tong Yaw Wei & Arshad Adam

Beta-testing at Galeri Rabak after business hours, Bercerita Pasal Hantu brought together people curious about ghostly experiences for two nights in an old mall. Seated in a circle, audience members and featured storytellers share experiences of apparitions and forbidden customs, but things seem amiss. Was the man reacting aggressively to the story about spiritual possession a planted performer? Are these stories of sakas and djinns fact or fiction? In essence a series of monologues in a casual setting, Bercerita Pasal Hantu is genuinely spooky, riddled with moments of doubt-provoking action. Arshad Adam‘s particularly comprehensive and disturbing series of hauntings on stage at Auditorium Muzium Negara even comes with photos, while Tong Yaw Wei‘s Chinese ghost story provides a momentary but refreshing shift in paradigm. The final, complete staging of Bercerita Pasal Hantu at Jibril was no less potent in terms of material, although an overindulgence in theatrics — ten light flickers too many brought viewers back to reality — detracted from the carefully-orchestrated final blow. By the way, its creators are planning to expand their show into a site-specific series and bring it on tour; you won’t want to be left alone when that happens.


Bercerita Pasal Hantu was held at Galeri Rabak from 23 – 24 May and Jibril on 25 May. For more details, make sure to check out Facebook!

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