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Believe in love and happy endings? Let Bradley Liew’s ‘Xing’ break you, now!

THERE’s just something about the painful reality of one-sided love that makes for great films. Away from the lovey-dovey fantasy of rainbows and butterflies and boy meets girl, there are those stories of unrequited love — a love that will never know an end, and can never be wholly fulfilled. This is what Malaysian director Bradley Liew aims to portray in his last short film Xing.

Currently trending on Singaporean-based video sharing platform Viddsee, Xing tells the tragic tale of main character Irwan — played by actor Amerul Affendi (Bunohan, Terbaik Dari Langit and Polis Evo) — who is hopelessly in love with Xing, a cabaret artist from China who works in Malaysia.

The film starts off by presenting Irwan on a night ride with his friends, as he leads them to the place Xing performs every night. Enraged by his actions and endless wanting for Xing, his friends take off, leaving him to visit her alone, as he does almost every night.

Audiences are left to explore tenderly the disconnected relationship between Xing and Irwan, both sensual and incredibly mature in this impossible love story. Xing is entirely focused on keeping her job while still maintaining her dignity, but Irwan wants one thing only — for her to love him the way he loves her.

Produced by Seeing Eye Films, the short has garnered nearly ten thousand likes on Viddsee and has received positive reaction from all over the world.

It was part of the Busan International Film Festival and Singapore Film Festival‘s official selections in 2014. A year later, Xing was shown at the Filmmakers Academy Screening, Locarno Film Festival.

Filmmaker Bradley Liew however is no stranger to recognition — 2012 saw him inducted into Busan’s Asian Film Academy as well as win the Lumos Award for Outstanding Performance. His 2013 short film called Sunrise was about a man recollecting his memories of a special moment frozen in time, and it was the sole representative from Malaysia at 2013’s Festival de Cannes.


Xing is a riveting portrayal of one-sided love that is raw, honest and surfaces the true fragility and vulnerability of love (think an urban Malaysian version of Marc Webb‘s 500 Days of Summer). Don’t miss out!

Check out more great short films on Viddsee now!

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