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Executive producers and two new cast members confirmed for ‘One Two Jaga’

PRODUCER Bront Palarae earlier today unearthed more details on upcoming action-drama One Two JagaConfirming the involvement of Robert Lundberg and Leon Tan as executive producers on the project, Bront also shed light on the film’s cast members, which has grown to include Indonesians Ario Bayu and Asmara Abigail.

Ario is best known for playing the titular role in Soekarno (2013) and HBO Asia miniseries Serangood Road (2013) and Halfworlds (2015). Noted for his collaborations with Joko Anwar on films like Kala (2007) and A Copy of My Mind (2015), Ario was recently seen in Riri Riza‘s romantic blockbuster Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2, one of major non-Hollywood titles at the local and domestic box office this year.

Asmara is a fashion model set to make her major screen debut through Garin Nugroho‘s Setan Jawa (2016) and Joko Anwar‘s untitled upcoming horror project.

One Two Jaga first surfaced through a pitch trailer uploaded on Youtube in 2014, but the project gained serious traction during the Southeast Asian Film Financing (SAFF) Project Market last December. Two prizes won by the project at SAFF provided equipment and training on top of opportunities for further development.

The film revolves around the children’s game of “cops and robbers” and tells the story of two law enforcers. It is set to be directed by writer, performer and director Nam Ron (Gedebe, Psiko Pencuri Hati) who last starred in Tunku Mona Riza‘s Redha but is best known for his award-winning work on the stage.

One Two Jaga is one of few films currently developed by local production house  Pixel Play, along with historical thriller Dawn Raid: The Hands That Rattled The Queen, as well as an action-thriller in collaboration with award-winning young Malaysian director Cho We Jun.

One Two Jaga’s executive producers Leon Tan and Robert Lundberg meanwhile run DragonSlate Media, a film development and production company based in Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles.

Leon produced Malaysia’s first stereoscopic 3D animated feature War of the Worlds: Goliath (2012). Leon also heads Imaginex Studios, Malaysia’s award-winning post-production studios which produced audio works for Munafik (2016), Polis Evo (2015), Lelaki Harapan Dunia (2014) and Bunohan (2011), among others.

Robert was Director of Development at Dune Entertainment from 2007-2012, working with 20th Century Fox to produce Avatar (2009), Black Swan (2010) and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), among others. He served as Executive Producer on the Eva Mendes/Eugenio Derbez dramedy Girl In Progress (2012) — which Lionsgate theatrically released through their Pantelion label — as well as Luke Hemsworth thriller The Reckoning (2014).

Both are currently developing a slate of original film and television properties together for international release.

One Two Jaga is scheduled to begin pre-production on 1 June 2016 and principal photography on 15 July 2016.

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