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3 Songs You Need in Your Playlist This Week (23-29 May)!

It’s been a busy week for our homegrown artistes.

With new music and video releases day in day out, it’s hard to keep track of who or what you should be listening to (especially when you’re stuck in an office eight hours a day). After rummaging deep through the web in search of recent jams by local artistes, we’ve put together three must-have tracks for your playlist this week. Check them out below!

“Ice Cream” by Beatburns

Local alt-rock veterans Beatburns is back again with their latest single released under Universal Music Malaysia. The track features sweeping electro production courtesy of Shahfeeq Jibin (drummer of Hello is this the Band?) with Beatburns lead singer Lynn providing vocals as cold as the song’s lyrics.

“I’ve got an ice cream heart,” she sings in the chorus, conjuring the tale of a woman numb to her surroundings. The track comes with an equally dark and brooding music video showcasing each bandmembers face covered in facepaint (think an emo version of the Joker) as they perform the track in a dark void.

Produced by KixAss Production, the music video serves as the perfect backdrop for the song and the band’s more mature direction. Check the band out on Facebook for more updates on their upcoming projects!

“Okay ” by Talitha Tan

Talitha Tan is back and she wants everyone to know she’s feeling “Okay”! Shooting to fame with her standout bedroom covers available via her very own Youtube channel, Talitha is best known for her jazzy voice which pairs magically with an acoustic guitar. On her latest effort, the up-and-coming popstar enlists all-rounder Darren Ashley on production. Featuring her signature guitar licks over some subdued electronica, Talitha’s latest track tells the story of an indecisive lover.

The new lyric video directed by Irfan Nadzree was released a week ago and is produced by Wayangworks (which houses the likes of Nadiah Hamzah and Bernard Chauly). It features Talitha roaming around a house and confronting her lover about his dishonesty.

It seems like big things are in store for Talitha — she recently debuted some acting chops in new Astro First telemovie Hey Orang Kita — and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store! Check the lyric video out and make sure to follow her on Facebook for updates on her shows and new releases!

“Best of Me” by Yuna


The hype surrounding Yuna’s latest studio album Chapters has been building for several months now. With the releases of singles like “Places to Go” produced by DJ Premier, “Crush” featuring Usher and third single “Lanes”, Yuna set the bar pretty high for her album release and guess what? She pretty much delivered!

Throughout Chapters, Yuna delves deep into R&B and soul territory, drawing from influences such as (but not limited to) Destiny’s Child, TLC and Lauryn Hill. Despite the slight shift in direction and strong musical identity of the album, there’s still Yuna’s own personal touches all over her latest release.

Album cut “Best of Me” however might just our favourite moment on Chapters. The track breaks the ambient, chilled-out pattern established in the string of songs preceding it and presents a more powerful Yuna.

Adamant when she sings “I’m not gonna let you get the best of me”, the song’s real winner is its top-notch production. It’s a hard-hitting track that will definitely get you out of your seat (or bed, if its a particularly lazy day).

Stream “Best of Me” along with the rest of Yuna’s Chapters album on Spotify or get it on iTunes now! Also look out for our review, coming soon!

Like this? Leave track recommendations in our comments section (local songs only!) and we’ll consider them for future installments of our weekly playlist!

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